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Email: Iwata and Millipede

You know what’s gonna happen when you get to Iwata and ask why the box in Millipede is cropped out?PLEASE UNDERSTAND

All we’re doing these days is understanding…

He’d probably tell me it was a feature, not a bug! (programmers love saying that) “This version is superior because you can clearly read the text since it is not on the gameplay!”

Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 3, 2014


Hi, awesome master Malstrom,
I have been reading your blog posts for over half a decade. I am the one who first called you Master – title wich you loved and demanded everyone to use. Even though you meant to use the word as single male (a not married man), you probably knew I meant something else. You are our Master because you are our Professor – and we are mere pupils.
And it was not for no reason I called thee Master. The teachings on your blog and website are of great value for everyone. There are teachings of business, teachings of manhood, and the plus of having gaming analisys – incredibly accurate ones all those are.
I realize you are a very experienced man. Everyone should listen to you just because of that. But your writings are also of high quality. And you are giving those for us for free, while you make great effort to qualify yourself to a very good job – with tons of profit, let us all hope.
What I really mean is – you are Malstrom. We know, by your teachings, that the best games trigger our imagination, instead of giving everything on a plate (Remember the recent Shadowgate post? And that was just the most recent one on the subject.). You, Great Master, also triggers our imagination. I don’t care how you actually look like. You will always be the “Most interesting gamer in the world”. You will always have that voice on our head while we read your posts. The kind of voice which matchs the eloquence on your writings.
You are Malstrom. You reveal yourself in your writings. And then become part of our mind. That is all we need. Revealing your identity could destroy it. I would still hear from you, of course, but part of the magic would be gone.
Let the Millipede issue go. That is for a greater cause.
Just reveal your identity for one of those two reasons:

1- if, by doing so, you gain lots of money; or
2- if there are beautiful women involved.
Otherwise, please, don’t do it.
Someone at the age of early 30s who learnt a lot from you.
Is this email joking or serious? At times, I cannot tell!
Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 2, 2014

Who is responsible for Millipede (NES) cropping?

This is Millipede:

Notice who made it? It was HAL.

This is Millipede on the arcades.

This is Millipede on the NES. Notice the difference?

Milliipede on the NES is a very excellent game. Yet, the entire game is cropped inside a box. Who is responsible for this!? I demand an explanation! Nearly 30 years later, I am still furious at the marring of what would have been a perfect game.

HAL, at the time of 1987, had only 5 employees I think. Do you know who the programmer was?

There are no credits in Millipede NES. Satoru Iwata is the most likely person to have programmed the game. I blame him! Him! Him! When Iwata became president of Nintendo, all the game magazines talked about how he was involved in making Kirby, about the Pinball story (we all know the Pinball story), but does anyone mention how HE MESSED UP MILLIPEDE? Nooooo! Of course not.

One day, Iwata is going to be in public signing autographs. Then, lo and behold, someone will be rushing at Iwata waving a copy of Millipede (NES) and screaming bizarre things about cropping. It is then that you will know me.

Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 2, 2014

Email: Top 10 NES (Game Tiers)

People are excited, they cannot contain themselves and are sending me their SNES lists. DON’T DO THAT YET! :) You have… to… wait.

Anyway, here is the NES list:

Hello Master Malstrom,

I saw that you were putting out a call for lists of NES games readers still play today. I’m kind of in the same boat as you, having re-found my adoration for the NES after years of crushing disappointment in today’s industry. And, over the past year, I’ve scoured the various shops and yard sales to rebuild the library I had as a kid. I’ve built up a pretty big “go to” list, my favorites of which are in the list below:
Tier 1
1) Super Mario Bros. 3
2) The Legend of Zelda
3) Blaster Master
4) Rygar
5) Millipede
6) Teenage Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game
7) Double Dragon II
8) Mega Man 2
9) Castlevania III
10) StarTropics
Tier 2
1) Adventure Island II
2) Wizards and Warriors
3) Dragon Warrior
4) Captain Skyhawk
5) R.C. Pro-Am
6) Vice: Project Doom
7) Xexyz
8) After Burner
9) Dr. Mario
10) Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!
Tier 3
1) Kid Niki: The Radical Ninja
2) Twin Cobra
3) Magic of Scheherazade
4) Legacy of the Wizard
5) Starship Hector
6) Faxanadu
7) Deja Vu
8) Phantom Fighter
9) Excitebike
10) Paperboy
Take care, and keep enjoying the thrill of the game.
I do find myself playing Millipede a hell of a lot. It’s like Centipede but with all this shit coming at you from the sides and from the top. The game is crazy good and cheap at $5.
I need to pick up a copy of Turtles II.
Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 2, 2014

Email: Mario Kart? No, you mean Super Smash Kart!

You know I knew Mario kart was getting weirder when they were putting Mercedes Benz cars into a KART game, I mean it looks sooo out of place.

Mario Kart 8's DLC Is So Gross
But now it seems Nintendo wants to put characters and kart’s that are not even in the Mario universe into the game. What is this Super Smash Kart?
An finally what’s with all the Mario’s and Peaches in the game? there’s Mario, Metal Mario, Peach and Gold Peach and now they add these…
Inline images 1
Inline images 2
Maybe its because Nintendo hasn’t added any new characters or new content to the Mario universe so they have to use different variations of the same characters.
Nintendo is going Nintendo crazy in their Nintendo games.
You could argue that the three super mario games on the NES and Super Mario World on SNES were Four New IPs. Super Mario Brothers was such an event. SMB 2 had subcon and its creatures. SMB 3 had its universe. SMW had Dinosaur Land and Yoshi.
Why was Donkey Kong Country so exciting? Because it was like a new IP. It was a new universe.
You know what Nintendo should make for Mario Kart 8 DLC? A PROPER BATTLE MODE THAT IS WHAT’S WHAT! I would love a battle mode of Super Mario Kart dueling for example or even N64’s block fort.
I really want Mario Kart to return to go-karts and racing in the magical mushroom world. It seems like the game has lost focus.
Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 2, 2014

Email: am I just old fashioned?

Greetings again Master Malstrom.

So Mario Kart dlc is finally happening:

From a business standpoint I understand, it’ll probably make Nintendo a fair bit of change, but something about it just bothers me.

I like the feeling of owning my games and that those games are “complete”, the idea of missing out on content always irks me. Even when I was a child I never liked the way Capcom would have newer versions of the same game out later, it put me off buying Capcom games when they were brand new. I’d always instead wait until they were done putting out different versions and get whichever was the best.

I skipped out on the Sony and Microsoft systems last generation, but if I hadn’t I would have been one of those people that waited for the “game of the year” edition with all the dlc. That’s why I really liked the Wii, almost all the games were complete on disc, just as I felt console games should be.

What’s your position on dlc Master Malstrom? Am I just being a crazy old-timer? I mean PC games have always had expansion packs etc. is all this downloadable content just the way of the future? I can get my NES out of the attic tomorrow and boot up Mario Bros. 3 and there it is, as complete as it ever was. Meanwhile getting these extra courses and characters in Mario Kart will be dependent on Nintendo’s servers still existing or me having a console with that content on it. Sure there might be a “complete” edition later, but it would make me feel burnt for having bought the original version, you know?


I agree with you. Nintendo would say, “But with the E-card reader, we have always had DLC! Ho ho ho ho! Look at those new Super Mario Brothers 3 levels!”

I think DLC is just their way of getting us to pay $70 or $80 for a $60 game. With PC classics, the DLC was given away FOR FREE. Epic GAVE AWAY their DLC for Unreal Tournament (they did!). Blizzard GAVE AWAY their maps for Starcraft (they did!). Back then, these game companies were so happy doing what they loved and making money for it that they to spread even more happiness around!

I wish Nintendo wouldn’t follow the DLC path. I wish Nintendo would make retail releases of small games or even older games. Remember that Super Mario Anniversary Edition on Wii that cost $20 and was just the All-Stars rom placed on a disc? That goes for $60 now and will likely keep rising. Why not give us a RETAIL version of an updated Mario Brothers? I know Nintendo doesn’t want to make the same game again, but costs have gone up so much and they need to make a quick, fast game to have for each month. All-Stars helped SNES momentum, did it not? Why not a Zelda All-Stars game? Oooohhhh. How about a Nintendo Black Box Collector Edition that has all the Black Box NES games?


Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 2, 2014

Email: Flash cart on NES clones

You’ll notice right on their website under “System Compatibility List”:“Does NOT work on clone systems like the NEX, Yobo, or FC Twin.”

And fyi, it may be a good idea to at some point clarify that current emulators contain a teeny bit of input lag compared to their original hardware, and that is what makes them not feel as responsive.  Heck you could even back it up with those two links to byuu’s forum I sent you earlier if you so desire.


The way how I see it, original hardware is necessary for those certain critical arcade-like games that need that response time (more in the NES side. NES was such crappy hardware that it really used the hell out of the cartridge hardware), if they have special chips in them like Yoshi’s Island, and for multiplayer games. It is no fun playing multiplayer games on an emulator.

I’m thinking emulator for those absurdly priced games like Aero Fighters that is $400 for the SNES or turn based RPG games. RPG games, due to their low supply and increasing modern demand, tend to be highly priced. I’d emulate Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest games, and others. Action RPG I’d probably try to get the cart.

What I like about original cart collecting is that it is the OPPOSITE of the Virtual Console. The Nintendo Virtual Console has you keep buying new VC games even though you have them. With carts, you never buy another one. Instead, you just keep buying new clone hardware systems!

Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 2, 2014

Email: Most expensive SNES game

If you want a real shock, look up Aero Fighters.  Not even E.V.O. can compete with the price of that game.


Wow. It is $400 and climbing up. I think I’ll stick to emulator for that game!

I’ve noticed the shmup fans push up certain games. R-type 3 is like $120. I love R-type, but I suck at R-Type 3. The game is cool, but I suck at it. I think I keep dying around the third stage.

Now that I think about it, were there any co-op shmups for the SNES? It seems they were all solitary games. Raiden Trad and Darius Twin are the only two co-op shmups I can find. A damn shame especially with Life Force being so much fun on the NES.

You know, I think that might be part of the reason why shmups died out. Hardcore shmup players hated co-op. After all, shmups are supposed to be ‘military exercises’ and not fun. A shame there aren’t more co-op shmups. The last really good shmup I know of was Ikaruga and that had co-op.


Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 2, 2014

Email: About EVO: Search For Eden

Hi Master Malstrom, long time I don’t send an e-mail..

I REALLY love that game, I also love the concept and I think this is one of the most underrated games in the 16bits gen (I’d put Kid Chameleon on the list too). I’m waiting the green light to the “30 favorite SNES games” to put EVO in the Tier 1. And I’m really not that type of RPG fanatic guy. (Yes, I know the gameplay isn’t perfect and the game could be even better, but the concept totally won me).

Keep up the great work! Waiting for the SNES favorites.
How about a modern day spiritual successor? Too bad Spore will likely have destroyed any commercial interest in making such a game. It is a great concept, and there is no Mario ‘mascot’ type character in it which is refreshing.
I’ve been thinking 30 favorite SNES games might be TOO easy. The NES library was pretty huge and the games are relatively short and arcade-like so you need a larger list. SNES quality game library is somewhat smaller but the games got larger with more content. I want people to have to PICK and CHOOSE. Might have to go with a 15 tops with three tiers of five. I want you guys to sweat!
Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 1, 2014

The Most Expensive Super Nintendo Game is….

Not Chrono Trigger! Not Mega Man X3! Not Earthbound!

Really!? C’mon guys. This game is not that good. I remember playing it when it came out. I LOVED the concept, and it was one of those ‘big concept’ games that gave me hope for the future of SNES. But the game is boring grindfest. The reason why the game didn’t sell wasn’t because of religion but because the game just wasn’t that fun to begin with. It is a cool game. It may be said to be a gem. But it is no Chrono Trigger.

My theory is that the New School Gamers who love watching bars fill up, RPG fanatics, who were very much a niche in the 16-bit days, have grown during the later eras. I think most of the demand for this game is coming from people who didn’t experience the SNES generation. That and the game’s limited supply. This game is over $200!

It’s not worth $200!

Looking over the SNES games, I’m noticing that the popular ones can get around $60 which is about the same price when they were released. Many of the good ones are $30 which is fine. There are a few collector’s items of course that go over $150. But most of the SNES games are much cheaper than the NES games which shocked me. Perhaps it is because the SNES good game collection is more concentrated into a few games while the NES collection quality is more spread out? Maybe NES games are disappearing? Maybe collectors target NES more than SNES?

I expect all prices for these carts to just keep getting more and more and more expensive. 10 years from now, EVO will likely cost $300. 20 years from now, $500.

I’ll start doing SNES lists soon. Same format. So start thinking of your most played SNES games.

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