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Email: Best of both real hardware and emulation

An easy way to achieve the benefits of both real hardware and emulation would be to use a flash cart for any older cartridge-based system.  I personally have no real-life experience with console flash carts, but I do own a GBA cart that worked for DS games as well and it is fantastic.  They’re pretty expensive, but personally I think it’s totally worth it, but that may be because having a bunch of games on a single memory card is hugely beneficial for handhelds.

I believe you stated before that you own an NES to GameCube controller adapter from RetroZone?  Well they have an NES flash cart as well:

For SNES games it would seem that sd2snes is the only device that currently supports the majority of the built-in cartridge enhancement chips, and the chips not currently supported can actually be added via a future firmware update because sd2snes uses an programmable FPGA:


Ahh, thanks for the link. Yes, I’ve bought a SNES-to-Gamecube adapter from RetroZone and couldn’t have been more pleased with it. From what limited experience I’ve had with them, they do solid work.

The NES flash cart is very interesting. Once I get through my Tier 1-3 type games (you guys know what I mean), I’ll look into getting a flash cart. Why? Because Metal Storm isn’t worth $70. That is a hugely overrated game. Same with Mega Man 5, and it’s $100 price tag. And don’t forget about Little Samson or Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers 2. Fuck that. I’m interested in PLAYING games, not ‘collecting’ them. Granted, they won’t be on real hardware but oh well.

I’m curious how the Flash Cart would compare to emulator on the computer play-wise. I can’t stand emulator on the computer aside from turn based games like Dragon Warrior and Chrono Trigger. NES games are too arcade-like.

A big worry I have with this Flash Cart is that it won’t work in a NES clone. Why not? Doesn’t make much sense to me.

I’ll look into the Flash Cart once I get my NES clones and top NES games (oohhhhohh something about using original hardware and cart together that makes me FEEL the game, it is how it is supposed to be!).

Screw Nintendo for making us go this direction! Yeah, that’s right Mr. “Dude At Nintendo Assigned to Read This Site”. You guys have no account system and no way to buy and own these old games. Virtual Console is a disappointment. Let us OWN these licenses to these games and not just a download file on the hardware.

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A couple of lists already of NES Games

The list of NES games is to be the ones you enjoy playing today (not the ‘best’ or ‘most influential’ or ‘most technological’ or whatever). Thirty games in three tiers of ten. Interesting to see what people put.

Tier 1
Mike Tyson’s Punchout
Megaman 2
Tecmo Bowl
Goonies 2
Solomon’s Key
Final Fantasy
Zelda 2: AOL

Tier 2
Super Mario Brothers
Wizards and Warriors
Kid Icarus
Battle of Olympus
Ghosts and Goblins

Tier 3
Magic of Scherezade
Castlevania 2
Ninja Gaiden
Rad Racer
Super Dodge Ball
Super Mario 2


I was not familiar with Magic of Scherezade so I looked it up. Very interesting. See? I learned something new. NES library is full of new things to learn.

Do people really like Solomon’s Key? I bought in on the Wii VC and got frustrated with it. It is definitely a challenging game. Perhaps that is why it has value. I know Fire and Ice is the sequel.

Here’s another list:

First tier:
1.Super Mario Bros 2
2. Super Mario Bros 3
4.Teenage mutant ninja turtles 2
5.G.I JOE a real american hero  (not the atlantis factor mind ya)
6. Alien Syndrome
7. mega man 6 (yeah I know but this was the first truly mega man game I have ever played, that’s why is my favorite)
8.Super Mario Bros. 1
9. Castlevania
10. The legend of zelda
Second tier
11. Zelda 2
12. Sweet home (a famicom game that never came here. I played it on an emulator. loved it)
13.Super spike v-ball
14. Tengen Tetris (loved the music!) 
15. Super C
16. Castlevania 3
17. Dragon Warrior 4
18. Donkey Kong
19. Mega man 2
20. Prince of persia
Third Tier:
21. Mario bros.
22. Adventure Island
23. Mappy
24. Punch Out!
25. Ice climbers
26. kirby’s adventure
27. Excitebike
28. Bubble Bobble/Snow Bros.
29. Double Dragon 2
30. Mighty final fight
I guess that’s all. There are other games that I played but that would be in a 4 tier list like Black manta, the ninja gaidens (honestly, i never liked them. my friends were crazy about them but I always prefered the Shinobis instead), bomberman, the disney games, the other ninja turtles and some puzzle games.
Oh and since I have being reading your blog posts about NES I started to play NES games on my PC and some i have on the Wii and Wii U, but I do want to buy me a NES sometime in the future. Or maybe the RetroN 3. Let’s see what happens!
Mighty Final Fight? I forgot about that one!
Remember guys, this is YOUR list. If you are a huge Mega Man fan and want to put 6 Mega Man games in your Tier 1, then go ahead. They’re all solid games.












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Most fun games to play on the NES

Hey guys, I’d like your input on something. What do you think are the MOST FUN games to play on the NES? I do not mean ‘most famous’ or ‘most nostalgic’. I mean, right now, what do you think are the games that are most fun to play. For example, I would put up games like Qix or Arkanoid which NO ONE ever puts up. Yet, they’re a blast to play and never truly get old.

Give me a list of 30 games divided into three 10s: First Tier, Second Tier, Third Tier. This is YOUR list. A game you love playing a ton, say, Legend of Zelda, might get up to your first tier. But another game that is also fun, such as Dr. Mario, goes to your third tier list because you don’t play it as much. I’m curious to see what people come up with and how/if they align.

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Email: Hyrule Warriors Japan sales so far

Thought this might interest you; personally I’m not surprised in the least. Perhaps some day, we’ll truly get a worthy successor to NES The Legend of Zelda.

Hyrule Warriors Sold Through Just 57% Of Its Shipment In Japan


It’s definitely a good start, but I wouldn’t judge anything until several more weeks have gone by. For all we know, a good first week’s sales shows effective marketing as opposed to something else.

You bring up an interesting point. What would a modern Legend of Zelda game look like? Imagine Zelda in 3d. What we got with Ocarina was more of Link to the Past in 3d which is good, but not NES Zelda.

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Does Shadowgate need Next Gen graphics?

I don’t think this new Shadowgate will sell.

What made Shadowgate work so well, in great part, was the triggering of imagination. Those are not just walls. They are cold slabs meticulously chiseled by dwarves in the far kingdoms. That is not just an arrow. It is an Arrow made by elvish craftsmanship. Everyone underestimates the writing and Shadowgate had very good writing. “Death to the philistine!” I always laugh when I hear that.

The graphics leave less to the imagination. That is why it won’t work.

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Email: Famicom-NES Converter

Master Malstrom -

It is possible to play any Japanese Famicom game on a regular NES, but it takes a little detective work. When the NES launched, NOA didn’t have enough carts manufactured to go with the systems, so for some of them, they took a shortcut by stuicking a Famicom cartridge board in with another board that converts it from the Famicom’s however-many pins to the NES’s 72 pins.There are a couple of games you can find these in, but Gyromite seems to be the most common one. The link below is for a guide to tell if you have a Gyromite with a Famicom converter in it without opening up the cart:

If you find one of those boards, you can mount the guts of any Famicom cartridge in it and supposedly it’ll work on a regular NES. I’m pretty sure I have one of those Gyromite carts, but I lack the tools and fortitude to open it up.

Anyways, if you do manage to dig one up, I’d love to hear if it works.


This is why I love the NES because of crazy stuff like that.

I got a 10 cartridge case today along with Mike Tyson’s Punchout (no Mr. Dream here). There’s still a few priority games I’d like to get such as Ninja Gaiden, Life Force, Ducktales, Arkanoid, Qix, but that is enough for now. I started off with ten games. Now I have Twenty Seven.

I’m really getting pissed off with my NES’s 72 pin alignment. I hear getting a new one might rip out the inside of your cartridges (don’t want that). I might look into getting a third party NES clone just so I can stop messing with the lame ass pin fidgeting.



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Email: Legendary Wings

Greetings Master Malstrom -

The posts about firing the NES up again have inspired me to do the same, and to go through my library to see if there are any underrated gems out there you might have missed. One that I can wholeheartedly recommend is Legendary Wings. It’s a shoot-em’ up like Xevious, where you play as an angel-looking thing that can fire at enemies in the sky while bombing stuff on the ground. The levels alternate between vertical scrolling and horizontal scrolling. The horizontal ones feeling more like those forced-scrolling Mario levels than anything else, and you kill a pink “devil” in a giant mechanical thing at the end of each one. Regarding the setting, story, and art style…I have no freakin’ idea. I never understood it as a kid and get it even less as an adult, but it works, somehow. It’s also not quite as difficult as most shmups because power-ups give you extra hits on top of increasing your weapon power.

If you like shoot-em’ ups, give it a shot. You might enjoy it.


Let me get Gradius and Life Force first. Thanks for suggesting it though.

I’m actually taking back a couple of games because I just don’t like them. Boulderdash is a good game, but I’m not digging it. No wonder it never goes about $10 despite its limited availability. There are too many puzzles in the game too which I hate. The other I’m taking back is Nintendo’s Ice Hockey. I just don’t like it. These sports games simply haven’t aged well. If I’m going to play a sports game, there are so many better options. Strange how that is but the more escapist games I prefer on the NES such as Mario and Zelda.





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Email: NES/Famicom Battle City and Zippy Race

Hello Master Malstrom,

since you seem to be collecting some old NES games I would like to recommend two of my favorites.
Since I grew up with a Famiclone instead of an actual NES I got to play some games never released in the west.

Two of them are:

Battle City by Namco which is a lot of fun in a two player match:

And Zippy Race by Irem

Both are available as Famicom Carts only but they are in English and cost only $5-10 so they are very affordable.

Keep up the good work.


One of the great things about collecting cartridges are the third party hardware (Retro machines). I’ve been looking into some of these. While they don’t do the experience exactly, it might be good enough for leisure play. What’s cool is there are SNES/NES console combos which is how the SNES was originally going to be: a combo NES/SNES player (yes, it’s true!). There is one third party console that also allows playing Famicom games.

Above: Oh yeah. That looks the part!

I might get one of the Famicom players one day so I can get a copy of Gunnac without paying hundreds of dollars.

Battle Tanks looks like Next Gen Atari’s Combat. Very cool.

Zippy Race looks like a Japanified version of Spy Hunter.

Reading up on the Famicom, it appears Battle Tanks was a very popular game due to the 2 player mode and the editor mode.

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Email: Teaching men to be men

You said “The art of being a man needs to be re-taught.” In the past, that was traditionally done by the father. But if marriage is dead, then who is going to be the one teaching men to be men? Raising children is HARD – the hardest thing I’ve done in my life so far. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be if I didn’t have my wife. If we have a bunch of boys raised by single moms, then you can be damn sure they aren’t going to be raised to be masculine. Who’s going to lay down the law and teach and teach how to be responsible and successful men? Do we really need kids to grow up without an authoritative father figure? Look what that’s done to the black community (which a lot of people in power seem to not want to talk about). We’re either going to end up with a bunch of delinquints running around, or hardcore gamers stuck in their mom’s basement.


I think automation will largely change everything. As Christensen said, most innovation will be in efficiency. Lower to average IQ people aren’t going to get jobs. Society is going to become very different.



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Email: Zoe Quinn

I just want to say, I don’t like that video. It’s been proven that the maker of the video has an agenda and because of it he’s distorted the facts. The facts still aren’t pretty for Zoe though.

Basically, ex-boyfriend posted a character assassination:
He was lied to and cheated on, so he went nuclear and wrote a paper about her wrongdoings. This source is biased as well with his own obvious agenda, but all he said was that she slept with a few guys in and out of their relationship. He didn’t name all five guys put in that video, only a subset.
One of the definitely named guys did write an article that included her game, but it was an article including it with 49 other Steam Greenlight games. No special coverage. And the article was posted before the writer had any intimate contact with Zoe. No nepotism there.
So yes, she did sleep with some number of men in the gaming industry. She did not sleep with all five guys named in that video (or at least it feels very unlikely). There is no clear evidence of nepotism currently. People have been jumping to conclusions, and because there’s no actual evidence but a bunch of accusations, a number of sites have heavily moderated and at times overreacted to the shitstorm going on.
There’s also a tangent issue where Zoe, or someone who used her name, made a DMCA takedown on videos about her game. It’s still doubtful (though she hasn’t put out a denial) that she did it herself, because she should be well aware of what happened with other indie devs who tried the same and should have only considered it if she was having a temporary breakdown.
That’s all I wanted to say. It’ll be a sad day when you finish your training and possibly shut down the blog.
The video gets passed around because it is the clearest detailing of what is going on. If it is untrue, then we need better videos or better explanations.
I think this entire episode would have flown under the radar had not sites deleted threads and not allowing discussion on it. That, in itself, poured gasoline on it. People don’t like being told what they can or cannot discuss. The more people are told they cannot do something, the more they will do it.
There doesn’t appear to be much discussion about the game, Depression Quest, anyway. Is it any good? Doesn’t seem like it.



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