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Where Blizzard developers go

This is a good video showing where the Blizzard developers splintered and all the new companies they spawned.

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Email: Have you considered getting a Sega Master System?

I noticed that you recently got a Turbo Grafix 16.  I remember seeing it back in the day.  Mostly I remember Bonk’s Adventure with Bonk being the mascot rival of Sonic and Mario.  Man I miss the days of console mascots. As of lately I’ve been playing a lot of retro games because let’s face it, there isn’t a lot of new stuff coming out and what does come out is crap.  As much as I’d love to have a massive library of old school classics, I simply don’t have the money or space to have shelves of consoles and games.
Recently I picked up Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection for my PS3 which is a good collection of classic Genesis games but tucked away in the extras are a few arcade and Master System games.  After playing Phantasy Star as well as Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle I got curious about Sega’s first console.  Master Systems are hard to come by because they had only 10% of the market when the NES dominated everything back then.
Here’s a couple videos:
Top ten Master System games:
I’ll admit a lot of those look fun and if you really want to play them without tracking the original system down, many are on the Wii Virtual Console.  One I thought was interesting was an almost spot on port of Operation Wolf that actually used the light gun and I also remember seeing a Master System in the store with Alex Kidd built into it which was mind blowing for me at the time.  A game BUILT INTO a console?!
But it’s easy to see it’s flaws.  First and foremost the idiotic idea of having the pause button on the console meaning you had to sit right next to it to pause and also Master System game box art was some of the ugliest ever. Most NES game boxes were vibrant and colorful but Master System game had that dull white grid background that made you think of a PC educational title with a generic image stamped on the front.
I also wonder what 80s gaming would’ve been with the internet gaming community.  You’d probably have Master System fanboys being all like hipsters slamming the NES and it’s ugly graphics and popularity with the sheep-like masses who didn’t understand the Master System’s brilliance.  Then the PC era gamers mocking both of them.
 I consider the Master System library to be an extension of the Genesis library. One really, really great Master System game is some castle game like Montezuma’s Revenge. I forget the name. Golden Axe Adventure (the Zelda clone) is also good. Ultima IV is even on the Master System!!!
You’re going to hate me for saying this, but that top ten list is pitiful. Here is the reason why.
#10: Fantasy Zone.
The better version of Fantasy Zone is on Turbographx 16.
#9: Ys.
Ys I and II is on Turbographx 16.
#8: Psycho Fox
OK, that seems exclusive to Master System. I find it hard enough to get into Bonk let alone a game like that. Most 80s platformers haven’t aged well.
#7: Shinobi
OK, Shinobi is cool.
#6: Zillion
Anime game? No thanks.
#5: Operation Wolf
OK, cool light gun game.
#4: R-Type
Terrible. Aside from a direct arcade port of R-Type in later generations, the best port of R-Type is the US version on the Turbographx 16. You want to play R-Type on a Turbographx 16. It is not butchered.
#3: Monster World 3
This is available on Turbographx 16 as Dragon’s Curse.
#2: Alex Kidd in Miracle World
This is definitely a Master System game. It was the pack in game if I am not mistaken.
#1: Phantasy Star
OK. Cool game.
I consider there being only five major classic consoles that one should get their hands on fast before they disappear forever. They are the NES, the SNES, the Genesis, Turbographx 16, and the Gameboy Advance. There are interesting clone systems for GBA that can plug into a SNES and play it on the TV. There are too many good GBA games to ignore. NES, SNES, and Genesis are mainstream. Their games are already beginning to get out of orbit for most people. The Turbographx 16, however, has been rocketing out of reach and will become extremely rare. Online, the consoles are around $200-$500. The games are also ridiculous.
If one is curious about the Turbographx 16, one should buy some of the Virtual Console games of it and see if the gameplay fits you. During the Wii era, I kept returning to the TG16 games because they were insanely addictive. Now that I have bought one, I am realizing other problems.
First, the controller length is WAY TOO SHORT. You also have one controller port. Good luck tracking down a multi-tap and other controllers for this increasingly rare system.
Second, and this is huge, is that the Turbographx 16 only does RV signal, not composite. I’ll have to do some modding. You can buy a TurboBooster for it but that costs at least $150. Oh, and you cannot save any TG 16 games. Passwords galore unless you have a TurboBooster Plus. For most people, I strongly recommend they stick to the Virtual Console versions of TG 16 games. The games will be displayed better, will save, and the controllers will have length.
Unfortunately, the TG 16 games are so damn good. I’m going through them now.
Devil’s Crush is insanely addictive. I’d say it is the most addictive game on the system if not ANY console system. I cannot stop playing it. Alien Crush is also very good.
Bomberman ’93 fits the Malstrom quotient as a ‘perfect game’. Fantastic single player and fantastic multiplayer. It is probably the best Bomberman game ever made. Bomberman ’94 is also available with the kangeroos. I really like Battle Load Runner (though without the save feature, you cannot do much with the editor).
There are the Bonk games whose quality is below Mario and Sonic, of course, but I will investigate them further. They are good platformers in comparison to all the other crap platformers out there.
Neutopia I and II, the Zelda clones, are on the system. They are like an evolution between Zelda 1 and LTTP. Nintendo definitely stole the idea of the Master Key from Neutopia. As I play through it, I will say more.
I’m not impressed by Ninja Spirit or Bloody Wolf. I’ll investigate Legendary Axe.
Dungeon Explorer is a gauntlet type game where you can go up to a town, get new items and weapons, and go to different dungeons by yourself or with other players. Very cool game but primitive.
Outrun and Ninja Gaiden are on the Turbographx 16. Not too many people know this.
The real heart and soul of Turbographx 16 are the shmups. Oh boy, are there so many shmups. The problem is that they are GOOD, really, really good. Let me put it this way, on the NES the top shmups are… Gradius and Life Force. Everyone knows those. On SNES, you have R-type II (watered down port) and exclusive R-type III (slick but whoa slowdown). You have Gradius III and Axelay. And that is about it. Genesis has Thunderforce series. Do you want to know how GOOD the TG 16 library is for quality shmups?
Gradius is on TG16. However, it is the definitive port with all the colors, an exclusive new stage, and being able to play with four options. You can also set different difficulties (this is why shmups are fun on TG 16. You can customize them such as their difficulty). (Gradius II is available for CD.)
Salamandar, the arcade version, is on TG 16. Salamander is Life Force (though NES version changed a couple of stages and the power up system). The TG 16 version is damn hard and very different. I love Life Force, and Salamander on TG 16 is very fun.
R-Type, the definitive classic console port, is on TG 16. It was so good, the powers that be lament it wasn’t packed into the system at launch. It should have been! I would have bought a TG 16 when it launched as I wanted R-Type badly. Instead, they packed in an anime game of a kid who rides rainbows to ride around in a giant robot called Kieth Courage. Idiot Japanese businessmen.
Raiden! The TG 16 version port is very good.
Blazing Lasers. This game sold so well which is why shmups invaded the system.
You have the Soldier series. Super Star Soldier, Final Soldier, and Soldier Blade. All three are solid, solid shmups.
Galaga ’90: the only classic console port of this game. Galaga is boring to me, but this game is addictive as hell. This game alone justifies owning a TG 16.
I don’t even like shmups that much, but those seven I mentioned above are as good, as fun, as addictive, or more, than Gradius/Life Force was for NES. They are so good. And there are so many more like Download, Lords of Thunder, and so on.
You really have to like the TG 16 style or else getting into the system would be a huge mistake. The TG 16 style is NES style but 16-bit super-colorful with weird Japanese vibes. Parasol Stars is Bubble Bobble III. The game is most excellent, but I cannot figure out what is going on as nothing makes sense.
Now excuse me, I need to mod a composite out for my TG 16 or else I will go blind. The problem with TG 16 collecting, well the big one, is the missing CD games. Good luck trying to get those or a working CD attachment. One those, I recommend Virtual Console because it is not worth thousand dollars to get all the pieces to play Bonk 3.
What is fun about TG 16 is that they do things with games that are refreshing. Last Armageddon is a unique RPG with an apocalyptic world where everything has melted down. Your heroes are the monsters. Then who do you fight? Silly reader! You fight robots and aliens (of course!).
I love World Circuit Tennis (spelled right?). It is a tennis game which is OK. But there is a RPG mode. The Evil Tennis King has taken over. So you travel the wilderness in Dragon Quest overworld style until preppy tennis players ambush you and demand a match. Your winnings are used to upgrade your equipment. This RPG mode was also done for a racing game too.
-Damn, I forgot Air Zonk. Another stratospheric awesome shmup. Too many games, reader!
Above: Are you one of us, reader?
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Star Citizen could be something special

Any pc gamer from the 1990s knows not to underestimate Chris Roberts.

Star Citizen has not ‘content’, yet people are having a ton of fun with the game. I remember watching Minecraft back in alpha and watching it grow. Star Citizen isn’t there and will likely never be at that Minecraft level, but if the alpha parts of the game are fun, then the finished parts of the game will be more fun.

Games are also more fun when you can do shit like the above.

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Ten year old Wii Sports still makes people smile


The game is a classic. Suck it down, hardcore.

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Email: Interesting quote from Sega about quality

“We were a little bit opportunistic, signing a lot of titles and doing things that were not necessarily very good,” acknowledges Sega’s European boss Jurgen Post. 

“There was a time when you could sell a lot of products, for example on Wii, but that market has gone. Today if you want to survive, you need to focus on quality. We want to create games that are very good and have a long tail. 

“We scaled down to the very bare minimum. For us to restart, we needed to set-up a new strategy, and that is now paying off. So we can start to add more pillars to the structure.”


Do you think that having a massive install base can be a double-edged sword? When I think back on how much shovelware the Wii had I remember that the NES had its fair share of shoddy games as well.


The ‘shoddy games’ is a misinterpretation of the Wii. It is putting the cart before the horse. The error is to say that a large installed based appeared first and that the shoddy games appeared second (to take advantage of the install base). It is the other way around. It is the shoddy games that appeared first that created the large install base.

“How can shoddy games create a large install base, Malstrom?”

Nintendo was asking this question with the success of the PlayStation 1 and 2. But what Nintendo didn’t realize was that the ‘great games’ of the NES and SNES and Gameboy are considered ‘shoddy’ as well. The NES did not succeed because of hardcore gamers. The hardcore gamer liked his joystick, was distressed over the D pad, thought Super Mario Brothers was ‘stupid’, and did the Commodore salute for his Commodore 64.

Above: Behold the Commodore 64 salute! And I always take my Commodore 64 to water slides!

When it came time to make the strategy for Wii, Nintendo learned much from Sony about how to make a game console. In the past, such as the 1980s, it was easier to make games so Nintendo tried to restrict flooding of games to avoid an Atari Crash situation. Sega copied Nintendo’s path. Sony did not. Sony flooded the PlayStation with every sort of software it could put out.

The PlayStations are filled with ‘shoddy games’. There is so much crap in the library that it is astonishing. It is not that older consoles didn’t have crap. It is a matter of interpretation. How well were sports games supposed to age anyway?

Nintendo intentionally wanted the Wii flooded with software. Who is to say what is a shoddy product? Let the market decide.

George Harrison even said, “You never know where the next great game can come from.” PlayStation 1 was porting shoddy games from the PC such as Grand Theft Auto 1 and 2. Who would have thought that Grand Theft Auto 3 would become a hit and rocket the PlayStation 2 to success? Call of Duty was also a ‘shoddy PC port’ when it came to consoles.

If Nintendo plays NX correctly, the NX will be flooded with software from all sorts of sources. Much of it will be bad. But some will be good. Some will be good to others, but bad to some. Indie games, for example, are ‘crappy games’ to many people. I remember when people told me that I should stop playing the ‘crappy game’ called Minecraft. “Look at its graphics!” Yet, the game is the most influential game of last generation and has its own toy aisle at Toys R Us.

One analogy Iwata used was the book store. Readers do not go, “Oh, I hate romance books. We should burn those to the ground to make more room for what I want which are sci-fi and fantasy books.” A book store should have all different types of books.

Watch the NX software pipeline. If Nintendo is serious about Generation 9, the NX software pipeline will be massively huge. I do not mean from Nintendo. I don’t mean ‘third parties’ in general. I just mean the pipeline. The Wii was easier to develop for which allowed more software to be cranked out on it than for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Less power comes with advantages. It was much cheaper to make a Gameboy game than the ‘color’ games of the competitors. Right now, it is cheaper to make a mobile game than any other which is why there are tons of mobile games.

I stopped listening to Sega after the 32X. Why anyone keeps listening to Sega is beyond me.

Nintendo combining its handheld and home console software pipelines is significant. But I want to know about the other software pipelines. If Nintendo is serious, they will be throwing every indie game it can onto the NX (especially Minecraft and Terraria) and the Virtual Console. The reason why Virtual Console was so much better for the Wii than Wii U is that Nintendo was on the ball with the software pipeline and thought it was best to throw out the Virtual Console software. Remember when we got three games a week and thought it LOW? I think Nintendo ought to push out the entire game libraries of classic consoles onto the NX again after a fashion. More software is always good.

The most consistent sign of a failed console is that everyone’s game library looks the same. Successful consoles have consumers with different game libraries, different games which they think are ‘quality’.

When defeated Jeb (!) Bush returned to his donors, he said,

we’ve had a year of disruption, a year of outsiders making a compelling case to people who are deeply disaffected and angry.

Is Jeb (!) speaking of disruption properly? Strangely, he has mentioned it numerous times in his ‘campaign’. He kept saying how he was the ‘disruptive’ candidate, how he would bring a culture of ‘disruption’ to Washington, and he kept saying that until he lost. Here, he blames his losses on ‘disruption’.

It is challenging for someone to say something, especially about a presidential election, that has never been said before. People were shocked to find out that Clayton Christenson, the author of Innovator’s Dilemma and ‘disruption’, was friends and neighbors of Romney. Romney even offered to help scrub Christenson’s floors. If Romney was personal friends with Christensen, it stands to reason that the Republican establishment has read Christensen’s work. The idea that Jeb Bush refers to himself as a ‘disruptive candidate’ is cringe-worthy, but he is right on in using the term correctly in the line above. Disruption is, as Christensen puts it, a ‘crappy product for crappy people’. Or to use another word that Clinton suggested, a deplorable product for deplorable people.

Disruption really is Blue Ocean Strategy. Due to Trump’s life in business, certainly I would find a businessman commenting on his business strategy (before the political hoopla). Sure enough, I did.

This is from back from 2006, over ten years ago. 2006 was also the year the Wii launched. Blue Ocean Strategy was certainly going around the minds of many businessmen. People were looking at business history and seeing where the Blue Ocean Strategy played a part. He observes, correctly, that Dominos Pizza arose due to the Blue Ocean Strategy that instead of making ‘better Pizzas’, they focused on delivering them instead.

Then he says that Trump is one who understands Blue Ocean the best.

NO, You want to know how to Make this “Blue Ocean Strategy” thing work in the world of Real Estate – Don’t you…?

Well, quite simply the ALL TIME MASTER of the “Blue Ocean Strategy” is none other than Donald Trump!

“Say what…”

Yes, DONALD TRUMP, “THE DONALD”, The stud with the Golden Hair…

Those of us who are old enough to have actually grown up watching Donald come into the forefront of being a modern day ICON, and remember getting the first printing of his very first book, The Art of the Deal back in 1984, also probably remember what the world of real estate was like – BEFORE TRUMP.

How was real estate business like before Trump?

Before Trump, there had not been any successful Real Estate “SUPERSTARS”. No one, outside of real estate, knew who Harry Helmsley, Sam Zell, or Donald Bren were. In Fact, most people only know about Harry Helmsley because of his second wife Leona, who went to jail for tax evasion shortly after he died.

Prior to Trump, the only person who had ever attempt to raise his visibility to the same level as say, Mick Jagger, was a man named William Zekendorf. Zeckendorf was responsible for L’EnFant Plaza in DC and the United Nations Plaza development in Manhattan, amongst many other famous real estate landmarks. However, ultimately Zeckendorf died bankrupt. <- another lesson for another day… Zeckendorf was no Trump. In fact, he did not employ a “Blue Ocean Strategy”. Zeckendorf simply attempted to get visibility, there is a HUGE difference between “getting publicity”, and becoming a celebrity to redefine your market place.

Usually when someone is successful in business, say Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, we turn them into celebrities after the fact. But this was not the case for Trump.

Question: What Business Is Donald Trump in? Again, a hard question to answer, but if you look at his core business, he is developer and broker of high end residential condos in Manhattan. But to look at how he markets you would of course say, “No way! Trump is a Big Time Celebrity Himself!” Exactly – that’s the point. Donald was not just going after publicity, he was redefining his market. Anyone who wants to buy a high end condo can get out the New York Times and start “shopping” based on square footage and price. But anyone who wants to be in a Trump property must get on a waiting list, and pay what ever The Donald says its worth.

The Blue Ocean Strategy changed the value. It is similar to a story I heard about Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was in a brick laying business, and they had problems competing because of his thick Austrian accent. So they changed their business marketing to ‘Austrian bricklayers’, as if laying bricks by Austrians was somehow more sophisticated that bricks being placed by the local place down the street, and was able to charge outrageously high rates to pretentious rich people who ‘want the best’ and, apparently, wanted their bricks to be ‘Austrian cultured’ (hahahaha).

People who employ a “Blue Ocean Strategy” not only increase the profitability of their company, by increasing their opportunities to demand significant profits, they also get the publicity that comes from being unique. Again, going back to yesterday’s example of eBay. For a period of time you could not watch the evening news without hearing something about a new and novel thing being offered on eBay. The free publicity eBay got by being unique would have cost hundreds of millions of dollars in paid advertising. But by deploying a “Blue Ocean Strategy” eBay never had to pay a dime, and in the same way neither does Donald Trump. The very rumor that Donald Trump is looking to do a project in your town is enough to drive land prices sky-high as it did in DC in the late 80’s, when it was rumored that Trump was moving into the DC market.

Trump does this with the business media all the time. Yet, he did it with the political media. We all watched him do it. He got so much free coverage.

While everyone in the 80’s had assumed that Trump had lost his mind by putting his name on an airline, and an ice skating rink and casinos, Trump knew precisely that by making the Trump name synonymous (“same as”) glamour and glitz, that he could charge more for his condos. Trump was perfecting his “Blue Ocean Strategy”, as many people outside of real estate who thought Trump was into office buildings, land and hotels. He wasn’t (not then), he was simply a condo developer. That is, a condo developer operating in one of the most competitive (“Red Ocean”) markets in the entire world. By redefining the marketplace, he created his own Blue Ocean. A Blue Ocean, where today no one can touch Trump on price. His waiting list is too long for him to have to haggle with anyone.

And there you go. It is a good example of the Blue Ocean Strategy in practice.

Is Trump going for a Blue Ocean Strategy approach in the general election? Since Trump (shouldn’t we call him Citizen Trump since he is not a senator or governor?) has no prior elections, the only elections we can go on is his performance in the primaries. I do not think Democrats were watching carefully then as they were focused more on Sanders versus Clinton.

The reason why Trump was never taken seriously in the primary was because he spent little money (Jeb (!) Bush spent a ton of money), and it is because Trump has high negatives. But as the primary went on, something curious happened. His negatives flipped into positives which confounded pollsters. The more people saw of him, the more they liked. One thing I suspect Trump intentionally did was to play the villain. Both Democrat and Republican candidates try to channel Reagan with being sunny optimism, as if they are playing the hero. Trump plays the villain, and the media couldn’t stop reporting on everything he was saying.

There also is the pattern of underestimating Trump. Nate Silver famously did this countless times. First, Trump wasn’t going to run. He ran. Second, he was just doing this for publicity and wasn’t a ‘real’ candidate (Wasn’t it Huffington Post that decided all Trump news should go on entertainment page?). Third, he couldn’t win in the south. He won. Fourth, he could never get to that ‘magical number’ of delegates needed so there would be a contested convention. He not only got that but got like 1800 or so, way, way past anyone’s estimates. The trend is that conventional wisdom is underestimating him.

Trump actually outperformed the primary polling. How did this occur? And could this occur in the general?

In 2012, 66 million voted for Obama, 61 million voted for Romney. If you apply a 2012 format to 2016, you might come up with similar numbers. But there is a problem. In 2012, there were 100 million people who could have voted but didn’t. What if some of them joined the 2016 electorate this year? I think current focus is on 2012 electorate that may not turn out for Clinton, but what about focus on an electorate that didn’t show up in 2012 but will do so in 2016? These voters dislike both parties. Some are calling this the ‘monster vote’, but it is actually Blue Ocean voters.

If such voters entered the electorate in 2016, which they certainly did in the primaries (more people voted in the Republican 2016 primary than in any primary, Democrat or Republican), such trend may carry over into the general.

“But Malstrom,” you say. “The ‘tightening’ of the polls this last month was due to pollsters switching to a Likely Voter model. Nate Silver said so.”

And this is true. But what does it say about the polls prior to the likely voter model? Were they oversampling Democrats, oversampling women, what were they doing? I saw some polls that sampled ‘adults’, not even registered voters! It looks like the polls then were ‘just having fun’.

But there is one big problem with the Likely Voter model, which is the best model we have for current polling at the moment: likely voters are dependent on ‘who voted last election’. In other words, the Likely Voter model would miss this Blue Ocean voter bloc, if it exists. It is like, in 2006, analysts telling us gamers want PS3 or Xbox 360 without being able to analyze non-gamers who would become gamers with Wii. My point is that you cannot analyze likely voters who have not voted in a long time. This would explain why Trump’s votes outperform his polling.

Also, there is no historical evidence that debates make any difference with the elections. Has it mattered in the last 50 years? No. Did it matter in the primaries? No. In 2012, Romney did very well against Obama in the first debate. Did that matter? No.

There are things that no longer matter anymore, if they ever did matter. Does spending millions of dollars on TV advertising matter? Not anymore. Do endorsements matter? No. Do negative ads matter anymore? Probably not.

There was once a time when a presidential candidate had to have been a military veteran in order to have a chance. That is no more. Presidential candidates also weren’t supposed to be divorced. No one cares now.





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Malstrom buys a Turbographx 16

The SNES overshoots my needs with some overly-complicated and long games (the RPGs, adventures). The NES undershoots my needs because so many of the games are too primitive in gameplay. But the Turbographx 16…. oh baby. That hits the sweet spot.

Above: the reader is definitely jealous that Malstrom has a Turbographx 16 and he/she doesn’t! Too bad, reader!

But what have I done!? This is going to be a very expensive game console. SNES is awesome. Genesis is awesome. But the third brother of the 16 bit generation must be recognized! The games on it are probably the best. Shmup heaven. Bomberman galore. And some Zelda 1 and 2 clones. Oh yes.

Above: The games are so awesome, not even the effeminate guy can be a distraction.

“But Malstrom, I have Turbographx 16 games emulated or on Virtual Console.”

You traitor to gaming! Play on real hardware. Emulation is for wusses.

But damn, this controller cord is too short. What were they thinking???

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Pokemon Go player mugged live on Twitch

I disagree with those who say it is the victim’s fault that he got mugged for being where he was at night. Muggings are caused my muggers, not gamers. Poor guy.

This is one reason why I do not see Augmented Reality taking off. The liability concerns are too high.

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Email: Election

You don’t actually believe there’s something “real” going on with this Hilary Vs. Trump nonsense do you Malstrom?

You strike me as the kind of guy who should be fully red pilled on this subject already which is to say that US presidential elections at least are all WWE styled “play fighting” for the idiot public to get wound up over, to laugh and cheer, boo and cry about and THINK they actually have a genuine choice in the matter between candidate Feces Sandwhich A or candidate Feces Sandwhich B.

Meanwhile the fix is in.

No way in hell Trump is going to be president even though he just like Clinton are both hand selected puppets of the (((lobby))).

Well not unless this business about her “health problems” is legitimate and not just more high drama for the plebs to latch onto and go “Ooh and Ahh!” over and make their worthless comments back and forth to eachother buying into the whole spectacle.

I mean if she passes out while giving a speech on live TV then and only then will we likely be gearing up for 4 or 8 years of the puppet Trump but barring that highly unlikely possibility Hilary is pretty much a lock.

She’s been a loyal toadie for (((them))) all these years so now itz her time to be rewarded.

Anyway with you running a family blog and all (lol) I don’t expect this particular email to be put up on your site and thats fine but I just find it odd you’d waste your time on this utter predictable dog and pony show WWE staged theater garbage.

Maybe its fun for you to pretend its real? I dunno.


A family blog?

Image result for family night

Above: “Hey guys, it is family night! Let us gather around and read that Malstrom blog!”

Unfortunately, elections matter to financial investors since the legal landscape changes. Many companies are not hiring now and will wait until after the elections. I hate it. But it is what it is.

Here is another email:

Well, it is not like there is ton of NX news to talk about. Nintendo has kept a tight lid on this.

There are some assumptions that I find mystifying. 2016 will not be like 2012 since the candidates are all very different. Does anyone think Clinton will perform better than Obama anywhere? Does anyone think Trump will perform worse than Romney everywhere? Look at the 2012 election data:

Florida- Obama: 50.01%  Romney: 49.13%.   That is less than one percent!

Ohio- Obama won with less than 3%.

Virginia- 3.87% margin for Obama

Colorado- 5.37% margin for Obama

Pennsylvania- 5.39% margin for Obama

New Hampshire- 5.58% margin for Obama

Iowa- 5.81% margin for Obama

Nevada- 6.68% margin for Obama

Going the other way…

North Carolina – 2.04% for Romney

Georgia – 7.83% for Romney

And it just goes on up from there.

While the candidates are different, what I find curious is that the same states I am hearing about in the news today are those low Obama victory margin states. With a state like Florida, that seems like a lock for Trump. And even though Trump came second in the Ohio primary, he got more votes than Clinton there. One could consider Ohio almost safe for Trump too at this point. Throw in a combination of Iowa, Nevada, Colorado, and Virginia, and it is all over.

Living in the south, one thing I know is that ‘southern candidates’ do not do so well in the North East. Clinton may have been senator of New York, but she is from Arkansas. There could be surprises in New England.

Anyway, maybe when this is all over we can talk about it more. Onto other things…



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Is Nintendo’s product Intellectual Property?

Nintendo of America has an opening for Nintendo Intellectual Property Enforcer. Oh boy!

I’ve owned dogs before, and one of the things is that they don’t just eat ‘dog food’, they eat ‘Lamb and Rice Formula’. Doesn’t that sound yummy? Of course not. They are dogs. That is what they eat.

Do you, the beautiful consumer, consume ‘Intellectual Property’? It sounds as delightful as my dog eating ‘lamb and rice formula’. And that is what we have in games today, formulas. We’re the dogs of today.

With the offering of products like the NES and Wii, did it ever seem like you were to devour ‘intellectual property’? Of course not.

What I find concerning is that Nintendo is getting drunk on the kool-aid narrative that their company revolves around intellectual property. Does it?

Emulators are legal as are the expiration of prior Nintendo copyrights concerning their old hardware. If it is true that Nintendo revolves around intellectual property, this should be a problem. Maybe Nintendo may even think so. But it isn’t.

Intellectual property is a legal term. It is not a consumer term. Gamers play games, not ‘intellectual property’. Generation or two ago, I made fun of companies saying they were offering new ‘franchises’. Franchise is a business term, not a consumer term. Consumers do not consume ‘franchises’.

When two people marry, there is a law license. But we do not think of marriage in such a legalese sense. We think of passion, love, family, and all that.

My point is that as the game developers age, they are allowing their bureaucratic-ese be a wet blanket to the passion that gaming needs to be. Gaming belongs to the young.

Aside from the base legal concerns, does the IP really matter? Children violate video game IP on the playground everyday. As they get older, they throw some of it in their youtube videos as good natured fun. Then the ‘Intellectual Property Enforcer’ comes along to shut them down. It is pretty absurd.

You know what Intellectual Property Enforcer SHOULD be? It should be someone who will stop games like Metroid Other M and Federation Force from being made. THAT is the enforcement we need. But the IP must always be forced on us and never on the developers who wish to ride the franchise.

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