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This secret, archived video from the 1980s may be accurate…

Well, Nintendo already had Mario and Luigi plumbers from Mario Brothers including pipes. I think what made Super Mario Brothers incredible was that the game was actually a 1985 2d version of the Open World. Same development team of Super Mario Brothers made Legend of Zelda at the same time. If Zelda 1 was an Open World, Super Mario Brothers also shared that influence!

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Email: ARMS ain’t that bad

ARMs is pretty fun. I brought it to two different parties over this past weekend, and it was decently fun for the girls that played. When people first play, they put all their weight into their punches, and one of the girls mentioned it reminded her of kickboxing.

But what’s more important, as you constantly remind all of us, is how it’ll do in the marketplace. ARMs won’t do too well, only because it isn’t that appealing. It’s not unappealing; to my surprise when I put it up on the TV everyone got curious about it. But I can’t see people seeing this on TV and caring that much about it. I had to put it in front of them to get them to give it a try.

I’m not sure what they can do to make ARMs more appealing, as its not that its too kiddy or anything. It’s very… safe. It doesn’t make any big moves, even if it likes to be goofy. People don’t mind playing it, but the game doesn’t make most people want to play it too much more. I could be wrong about that, but I’ll find out after a few months.

For those that like playing stuff against their friends, it’s a decently deep multiplayer game that is built off of solid fighting game fundamentals. It’s fast paced and you don’t hate watching people play it. I’d recommend the game to those who are looking for a versus multiplayer title that’s not just a party game on the Switch, but don’t want to touch a shooter like Splatoon 2 or a puzzle game like Puyo Puyo Tetris. The multiplayer is fun, the online is built in such a way to hide a lot of lag, but the game is light on single player stuff.


ARMS won’t do well because of the anime stink. It’s amazing how Street Fighter 2 has none of the anime stink. Perhaps it is due to Capcom being so sporty.

I don’t think I’m going to risk buying an online emphasis game from Nintendo. Damn, there is nothing for me to buy for Switch this entire year. When is Octopath and other RPGs coming out?

Above: Much better than western AAA gaming!

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Email: Splatoon emails…

My verdict, Splatoon 2 will reinvigorate current Switch fans but not create many console owners outside of Japan.

Splatoon 2 is fun. Splatoon 1 is already like Quake, and Splatoon 2 is literally a safer version of Splatoon 1. Splatoon 2 even changes out the mascot girls to ones that they hope are more appealing to the West. It’s fun, it’s visually easy to understand, it even got my girlfriend interested in playing it and she’s terrible at video games. It’s a little hard to control, but they’re keeping motion controls optional and adding a bunch of control options.

I’m a Splatoon fan, and I plan to use it to give me something more arena based compared to the structured team fights of Overwatch, and I even have more options to play with friends. But it has zero options for local co-op, so you have to love the game and possibly have friends with Switches that love the game to get much play out of it.

There’s a campaign mode, but I hear it’s the same length of the first game’s campaign (8-10 hours tops) but with more weapon options. It’s still Super Mario Galaxy type fare. People clamored for them to expand it, but it sounds like they instead put that effort into adding another multiplayer mode, a horde game mode, and it looks fun enough to me but again you’ll need internet or nearby friends with their own Switches and a copy of the game.

What the game will expand on is its limited time nature. Maps and ranked modes will still rotate so you’ll have a limited time to catch a particular mode each day, although Turf War should still always be available. Shops have new items every day still, the new Horde mode isn’t always open, and tickets you gain from the Horde Mode and Campaign Mode will get you the option buy experience and money boosts that I believe you’ll have a random choice of that changes each day. And of course, there will still be Splatfests once a month for 24-hours each, that give you the rarest item in the game worth thousands of in-game credits. In some ways its mechanics are like a F2P game, except you don’t have the option to pay extra real money for anything.

The game officially releases July 21st, but I’m curious as to how people who have never played it before enjoyed the Splatfest yesterday. The motion controls give you the best precision, at least almost equal to playing with a mouse, but it takes a lot of getting used to. They also balanced the special abilities much better this time around. I hope people like it, but I’m not going to pretend that many people in the West will care.


Next email:

I’ve played the live demos, the testfires.

The controls are on point, I love them. Besides not being able to change them beyond enabling and disabling the motion controls (turn motion on) I love them.

I do not care much for the aesthetics and art styles. I mean there are some cute things in there and it’s cool how it’s all cohesive but it’s like a parent appreciating a themed room for their child that was done well. You can admire it, but you wouldn’t put that shit in your room.

If a TimeSplitters game could release with these controls and be as configurable as TimeSplitters 2 & 3, I’d be in love. I’d have a shooter to play. I mean at this point, I’d even take High Voltage’s “The Conduit”. I don’t need things to be macho, I do play Team Fortress 2. Despite loving Goldeneye, Perfect Dark and TimeSplitters, I could never get into Haze or Homefront. I just want something more meaty with a first-person view that is arcadey and has a style that speaks to me more. Metroid Prime is coming, but unless they’re stealing Hunters style multiplayer we’ll need something else. Nintendo’s track record is poor and short there, the last time they made an effort at a fps on a console, they released Geist. Don’t Google that, you’ll hurt yourself.

Next email:

There have only been demos so far. The game comes out Friday. I am planning on getting it, mostly because there are no other shooters on the Switch, and because it gives me a game to play with friends that isn’t Mario Kart. On that note, I’m not surprised you didn’t like Mario Kart 8.5. I thought Mario Kart 8 was the second-worst Mario Kart after 7, and was severely imbalanced. It started out fun, but then the imbalance ruined everything. Mario Kart 9 (or is it Mario Kart Switch?) needs to be good.

I only played the demo for the first Splatoon, so I have no expectations regarding the sequel, and I can certainly let you know what I think about Splatoon 2 after it releases.

Mario Kart sells. Therefore, it will be more of the same. People like whatever is in it. But I’m not feeling Mario Kart 8.5 which is a huge surprise to me.

I did really like Zelda BoW “Wow!”, but I do not desire to play the game on hard mode now. I see hard mode as missing the point of the ‘open world’ design. I want more ‘world’, not more ‘harder’, but I might try it later on. Not much else to play on my Switch at the moment.

Don’t worry, I don’t think you need to be a Japanese child to enjoy Splatoon. 33 year old American male here, and I think it’s a blast. Strip away all the bright neon colors and goofy character designs and just the core mechanic of competing against another team to cover the arena with paint is like no other game out there.

If I had any gripe about the first game, it’s that I never could get used to the motion controls (apparently not a problem for most players), and so I was stuck aim with the analog stick instead. Still, that just means I had to work harder to get good. From what I’ve played of Splatoon 2’s demo it seems they improved both the motion and regular controls, so I’m sure you won’t have a problem should you decide to check it out.

And one more email:

Hey master malstrom, haven’t write you in a long time :)

You want opinions about Splatoon? I got it for my Wii U and it was very fun. Lots of action and many gear and weapon options. But I only played it for a couple of months and stopped playing it. I think I got until level 20 more or less. I sold it to buy Resident Evil 7 and was thinking in getting it again but I am not so sure.

My analisis is that the game is fun to play, but it has a huge online focus. The single-player mode is just OK. Nothing outstanding. A mix of platforming and shooting. It has a very mediocre 2-player offline mode where you compete with another player to pop up balloons (what’s Nintendo’s obsession with balloons anyway?!). The online mode is where the money is. And it is fun but can be annoying. Lots of cheap shots and players.

The another thing that put me off, and is a personal matter, is that the presentation is aimed to a very niche-type of Japanese gamer: teenagers. The way the game promotes armor, gears and weapons is about “looking cool!” and “having cool points” and all that. For a man near is 40s like me is just..weird. Like being the only adult in a party full of 14 year olders. You can see that the game was a huge hit in japan between teenagers while in America is only among N64kids. After a while is annoying. Maybe that’s why I get tired of it.

In conclusion: if you don’t japanese jpop stuff and like online gaming you may enjoy it. If not well, there’s nothing much to see. I am not sure about Splatoon 2 but I guess it will be the same.

Take care!

My biggest issue with Splatoon 2 is that all its value is on the online play which is dependent on the playerbase. Honestly, there is nothing else coming out on Switch this ENTIRE YEAR that I want except, maybe kinda Splatoon 2. Isn’t that sad??

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I want remasters of 2d games

I want Zelda 1, 2, LTTP, and Gameboy Zelda remastered, not Aonuma ones.

I want Metroid 1, 2, Super Metroid remastered, not anything Sakamoto involved after Super.

I want Super Mario Brothers 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. remastered, not anything 3d Mario. Although a Mario 64 HD wouldn’t be bad.

I don’t understand why only 3d games from the last few generations are the ONLY games being remastered.

Remaster the 2d Castlevanias… even the Iga ones.

Remaster the Gradius games.

Remaster the R-types

And where is my Switch cartridge of Radiant Silvergun and Ikaruga? No, we don’t need Treasure to make another Sin and Punishment game (a series no one plays).

“Would you get Metroid Prime 1-3 Remastered?”

Yeah. Those games would rock on a cartridge.

“Remastered Smash Brothers Melee on cartridge?” Heck yeah.

I don’t see why these games waste so much money on the modern 3d ones but neglect the 2d ones that have little assets needing to remaster.

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Email: Physical VC

Hello there!

Would will be a good idea for Nintento to release legacy content in physical versions as Amiibo Cards alongside whatever service they have in mind?
Those things are cheap to produce.

By the way, what are your views on the SEGA FOREVER project?
They want to releasse ALL Sega legacy games on Smatphones for free (with ads) and touch controls.
Not only Genesis and Master System, but Saturn and Dreamcast games also.
Comix Zone, Sonic and Phantasy Star already available.

Thanks for all!


I want the 2d gameplay Saturn games badly on cartridges. I want Saturn Bomberman re-released as well.


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Verdict on Splatoon?

How was Splatoon? Is Splatoon 2 worth buying? I want to know if I should buy Splatoon 2. I hear many people say they get tired of it. While the game has an interesting atmosphere of urban schtock, it doesn’t match the atmosphere of something like Quake or Unreal Tournament. I question how long Splatoon can hold someone’s attention.

PS- Japanese children are not allowed to give us their opinions. I am not a Japanese child!

“Aww man,” mutters the reader. “I thought you were this entire time!”

How do I get these readers? How!?

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Email: Gamers are asking: What’s the point of consoles?

You said it on your blog first, Master Malstrom. The HD Twins are just dumbed down PCs. Now the gaming community is becoming aware of this:

I see the point of consoles. The style of console that allows for arcadey action with dedicated hardware to support new playstyles. But then again, the recent innovations in such dedicated hardware have been deadends (motion, 3D, touch). Classic styled console controls are supported on the PC. So even that seems less of an appeal. Not to mention Nintendo’s dwindling list of genuinely good arcadey games.

The appeal of the HD Twins to me is only their exclusives. Microsoft has said their exclusives will also be on PC, so there is zero appeal to the XBox line anymore. Sony’s exclusives are such a small, unappealing list to me. I would love to own the Crash Bandicoot remake, but I am satisfied with the original versions and playing the remake at a friend’s house. Rumor has it that game might also make it to PC at somepoint too.

The other aspects of consoles are their accessibility, ease of use, and cheaper price. One of the main reasons people are abandoning consoles is that they are becoming unwieldy to use, constantly requiring long updates to software, and are more expensive to keep up to date than PCs that run better. PCs are far more user friendly than they once were, and they have the added benefit of being useful for a lot more than gaming.

Why should I spend $500 every 3-5 years when I could spend $1000 once for a PC with better graphics that’ll last me a few generations?

If Sony exits alongside Microsoft, Nintendo will become known as the portable console company, and PC will reign in its own share of the market. The competition would then be based entirely around game software, not console hardware.


The PC vs. Console ‘argument’ was ten years ago. It is obsolete today. It is as obsolete as arguing Sega vs. Nintendo in 2007 (and some people still were doing it).

What people should be focusing on is how the relationship between game and hardware has reversed. The hardware (console or PC) used to be the platform. Games would be designed to run on that hardware. Soon, it will be the game that is the platform and hardware will be designed to run on that game.

Game development is exceeding console development. The inevitable will occur.

“There are lots of last gen ports going on to these new consoles.” It is an indicator.

“Look at how Nintendo and Microsoft users can both play Rocket League and Minecraft with each other! The hardware both uses the same online servers!” This is the equivalent to PONG in what the new game platforms will be. You have no idea what has begun here. The game will be the platform.

We buy hardware to get to the games. Soon, we may very well buy games to get to the hardware. (ex: “I buy Star Citizen so I can buy a gigantic souped up PC that breathes fire!). Cross-platform will evolve to Game-As-Platform.

I was reading your article about the NY times guy saying how men need to stop playing video games and get married to make today’s women happy and after reading everything it got me thinking about how no one talks about what’s wrong with women today. Probably because anyone who would say anything slightly negative would be raked across the coals for being “anti feminist.”
Thankfully I’m a woman who can say stuff I think some guys would like to say. I apologize that this email has 2 long parts.

First off, let’s talk about “girl culture.” What is “girl culture?” Well you see happier versions of it on TV where you see this group of women sipping wine and talking about shoes and junk. But in reality this is usually gossip about other women and what they want from their perfect guy. I always felt like an outlier of “girl culture.” I was a bit of a tomboy growing up and this is fine in elementary school when you just play on the playground and play with toys but, at least for me, when you hit the pre teen years, the girls seem to become obsessed with boys and gossip. I remember being in third grade THIRD GRADE!! And just wondering why all the girls in my class just wanted to stand around gushing over the New Kids on the Block or trying to get a tan on the play ground. I remember one of my best friends was a boy because we both liked NES games and I remember the two of us hanging out on the playground talking about our favorite NES games. My mom thought there was something wrong with me because I didn’t have a “clique” of girlfriends and didn’t spend hours gossiping on the phone. I got more enjoyment out of playing video games. This continued on through my adult life. If you’re not a girl into “girl culture.” Then other women will shun you. You don’t even have to do anything. I remember a youtuber saying how nothing a man could say to a women could be worse than how treat each other and there is truth to that statement. My last job I worked before my daughter was born, I was in a small office with a four other women which I figured would be laid back and quiet soon made me miserable. The work itself was fine but two of the other women treated me like dirt the day I started. I was always friendly and pleasant, never did anything to antagonize any of them but I could just feel the resentment. My husband thinks it was because I had a college degree and they didn’t or maybe because I had my life together better than they did but this is something that you see in female circles. There are times I wish I had girlfriends but at the same time I’d rather be alone and happy with my video games than sit around and gossip with other women who’d stab me in the back the first chance they get.

I also think too many women feel that having a man means having someone to entertain you. It’s not enough for a man to work hard and take care of the family, apparently now women seem reliant on a man to entertain them because they have no interests or hobbies or friends of their own. I found the couples who are happy are the ones who actually share interests whether it’s sports or video games or movies. I remember seeing an episode of Dr. Phil where a wife was complaining that her husband went camping with his friends all the time. The husband mentioned how she didn’t like camping but also how she had no friends and no real hobbies. While Dr. Phil did suggest the husband not going out camping every single weekend, he did suggest to the wife to pursue some interests of her own. I know too many women who get married, have kids and that’s their whole life and suddenly the kids are grown and don’t know what to do with themselves because they forgot to find something to do for their own fun. I don’t have this problem in my marriage. I don’t care if my husband wants to play games for a few hours as long as everything we needed to get done is taken care of. One evening our daughter was watching cartoons and coloring, he went to play on the computer, I pulled out my Switch and played something.

Seriously if a woman is mad her man isn’t spending enough time with her then she probably doesn’t have a life of her own.

I cannot speak about all women, only local women. Men are not sentient creatures to these women. To them, men’s purpose is nothing more than to fulfil a role in a script they have written in their pretty little heads. If a man goes outside this script, the girl goes bonkers.

What is the script? Probably something out of a TV show or book. Men have to make a choice: live out her script or live out their script. My choice is to live out my script and see if anyone is compatible with my script (my script is so awesome!). But I do not think women care about compatibility as it is about a guy fulfilling her script.

When you buy a cat, you expect the cat to do certain things. The cat will purr, will sleep, and go “meow”. To them, men are just big cats. If the cat starts to do things like fly, stay awake, and go “boom!”, the owner will freak out.

I’ve noticed a similar response with employers when you start to go outside the script (such as a technician that starts to study calculus and engineering). Dammit! You are supposed to be exactly what other people think of you! Who do you think you are trying to live out life based on your own self-image and your own written script?

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Email: Surprised you took down the pedo article Malstrom

Guess you wanted to take “the high road” or something huh?

Anyway don’t feel bad for putting the truth up about that Neogaf pedo scumbag.

For whatever reason freaks/criminals like this predominate our beloved gaming community/hobby what have you, probably because gamers since our inception have been seen as the ultimate outcasts and thus these lowlives view us as their natural “kin” which is a disturbing thought.

Having posted on a bazillion gaming forums over the years, I’ve long suspected most if not all of them were ruled at the top by sick fucks just like “Amir0x” ranging from pedos to faggots to trannies to other highly strange mentally ill and deranged types but the GamerGate movement really blew the lid off of things and proved it beyond a shadow of all doubt.

I even personally knew a mod on IGN for years who seemed like a normal guy until he gushed to me in PM that he was a disgusting tranny and was going to go through with the surgery to become a woman and that his girlfriend fully supported it. {{{Gag!}}}

At the time I was a jovial friendlier sort of individual who outwardly acted accepting to all which is why this mod viewed me as its friend and “shared the good news” {{Barf!}}

I may of tentatively congratulated him at the time “just to be nice” but afterwards I’m quite certain I headed for the proverbial puke bucket to let my real feelings about this be known.

Anyway obviously this email isn’t intended for your main page, its just more rather a show of support for you if and ever more gaming pedos get caught with their fingers in the proverbial “cookie jar” and you’re left wondering whether gloating about their being caught is a good thing to celebrate or not on your main page?

Well I’m here to tell you it is.


Another email:


I was too busy to read it at the time, and now I come back to read it and it’s gone. Not even Wayback Machine has it (actually, Wayback doesn’t archive any of your articles, which is disturbing… guess I need to start saving some of my favorites for posterity).


I do not want this site to be involved with people’s personal destruction. The news said he was arrested for pedophilia. I believe the court will say whether he is guilty or what. Anyway, it is not a subject I really want to talk about. (Who does?)

But there is more here than just an individual getting arrested for pedophilia. NeoGaf was one of the top five referrers to Hillary Clinton’s website. After the 2016 election, I went back and read through the Neogaf election thread to see the transformation of the arrogant ‘how bad will trump lose’ to ‘omg, this can’t be happening!’ Now that I think of it, it was another thread. One about some poll that had Trump doing slightly better than the last poll and people freaking on it. Amir0x would come on and talk about how when he met this or that senator, how this was bad because ‘we all know trump isn’t going to win’, but just one point different from this poll meant that one or two less Democrat senators would be elected which meant Hillary Clinton’s agenda would not move forward. You see, amir0x was not just a former neogaf mod. He was a politico. He had political connections.

What I suspect is going on is that the new Trump administration is more vigilant on its law enforcement than the last administration or two hence why amir0x finally went to jail. Or was it a local police that got him? Whatever.

This site is about gaming, not about political or sexual deviancy.

The emailer brings up a good point with the IGN mod being a tranny. With specialized media, what should matter is the specialization. If you go to Cat Website, you would be expecting cats. We all leave the politics at the door and enjoy the cats. But no. You start seeing Cat Page Mod ban everyone who doesn’t believe in the same politics as he does. What is going on here? Neogaf will ban you if you express a non-liberal position or if you like Trump (in non-gaming political threads). But the politics spills over into the gaming section with the issue of Gamergate and the typical feminists and all. One big reason why the youtubers have exploded is because they are not typified in that viewpoint. There is variety. Currently, it seems like every gaming youtuber who doesn’t hail a certain political viewpoint is being called on to be banned or removed from the Internet. Why?

I kinda know the answers, and so does the brilliant reader. But I’d prefer to swim in the gaming ether and not the political one.

Neogaf was rife with ‘pedobear’ jokes and memes ten years ago. And amir0x did have connections to senators. I believe his job had him as an aide in the capital or something.

amir0x was removed from being a Neogaf mod because he was caught editing people’s posts so he could win arguments with them. I kid you not! First, it is pathetic to be arguing over the Internet. Then, you have to use your mod power to ‘win’ the argument by inserting words into your opponent’s mouth? Hilarious. It is as hilarious that Amir0x thought the law wouldn’t touch him because the naked children photos he had were not ‘sexual’ in nature.

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Email: 3D Mario is becoming like the Aonuma Zelda games

Dear Master Malstrom,

I am very underwhelmed by Super Mario Odyssey like you and other readers are. It seems like Nintendo are changing the core fundamentals of 3D Mario to the worse. I feel like the marketing of this game is like The Emperor’s New Clothes. Nintendo keep saying how big and open the world is and it is just like Mario 64, so all the sheep gamers are now saying the same. If you actually look at the footage showed at E3, the game seems very constrained in what you actually can do. There is very little acrobatic and skills needed, which used to be the CORE of 3D Mario. Acrobatics and skilled jumps were the means for a player to play the game DIFFERENTLY and show his or hers PERSONALITY. Have you ever seen a Mario 64 speed run? They are damn fun to watch. Because the most skilled players do all these crazy things that were never meant to be done, but is possible due to game’s level design, which focuses on acrobatics. This is also why both bad and good gamers to a certain degree can play Mario 64 and have fun. The bad gamers will just do what is meant to be done, whereas the good gamers use advanced methods to get to the goals quicker.

Back to Super Mario Odyssey. In the New York City stage, there is very little skill needed to get the moons (which used to be stars). You can wall jump between two buildings, but what is the point, when you can just capture the electricity poles and go to the top of the buildings on-rails without even controlling Mario yourself. Also, the flagpoles are now used as a warping system similar to 3D Zelda. The appeal of this game is really just the funny and nostalgic references to the older games, the costumes, the captures and the “funny” NPC’s. It is all glitz and glamour, without a solid core gameplay. Sure, even I think some of aesthetic design is adorable, but you know what… it does not make it a GOOD game. They sell this game as “exploration”, but there is not really that much to explore, besides eye candy and funny references. In New York, the goal is to get some musicians together so they can play that stupid main theme song and you get a moon as a reward. This has very low replayability. The first musician stands just outside of the building. Again, the appeal of this is not HOW to get the moon, e.g. performing skilled jumps and so. It is more about SEEING the “story” of Mayor Pauline and the musicians and “explore” the beautiful 3D-graphics (which actually suck in the city, some of the textures in the backgrounds look like something from the PSX era).

Also, the Jungle/Dinosaur level. Try to rewatch the Threehouse playthrough. Almost nothing happens. The whole gimmick of the level is to look at the dumb sleeping T-rex, which we will be able to capture. And then you can change your costumes and change the tune of the level if you jump on an old ghetto blaster (yeah?) The last part of the level has some platforming, but it looks very similar to 3D Land/World, which was okay (at least “Land”), but did not set the world on fire. This is nothing like the later levels of Mario 64.

One last thing: Nintendo are bragging about each level will have 30-50 moons to collect, like it is an example of the game’s huge content. It is not. If you watch the footage of the game, the moons have become like the old star coins in 2D Mario. Sure, some of them are hidden well, but they are no longer used as rewards for overcoming a hard obstacle course of a boss. If get then if you walk around without any real urgency.

This game is not going to perform well. The only people who are truly excited are the hardcore gamers and diehard Nintendo fans. The game was voted the best game of E3 two years in a row. It says a lot, does it not?

Super Mario Odyssey wasn’t known until Switch software reveal in January 2017.

I can see the appeal of Mario 64, even though it is not for me. I despise later 3d Mario because it doesn’t even try to be 3d Mario. It is trying to ‘trick’ 2d Mario fans to liking 3d Mario. Nope! This Mario game doesn’t appeal to me on any level, not even aesthetically. Of course, on forums like the Switch reddit where posters go, “Mmmm, more Nintendo kool-aid please!”, nothing truly gets discussed. So we are stuck between Kool-Aid Forum and Hardcore Gamer Forum.

I’m taking a break from Switch, and going retro until games I like start coming out. I look forward to more RPGs. I could care less about Nintendo online plans. I bought Switch for Zelda. Mario Kart 8 has been a total dud for me personally. Game just isn’t fun or interesting.

Good games create demand. I don’t see Nintendo making those games. I see Wii U 2.0 games. Zelda was a breath of fresh air though, and it got my hopes up. I’m hoping for better third party and first party games for 2018.

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