Posted by: seanmalstrom | July 20, 2009

Email: MS calling it quits in Portugal?


this came out in a portuguese gaming magazine. Sofia Tenreiro, director of Entertainment & Devices of Microsoft Portugal say this, in an interview (translation by me):
“Our objective is not to compete and win over somebody. We have an objective for ourselves. We don’t want to conquer any market share.”
Imagine the American director saying something like this! But it has an “explanation”:
Just to give you some background, in Portugal Sony is king. I would say 80% of the market is Playstations (2, 3 & Portable). I’ve heard industry insiders say something like 90%, but I don’t know how they got that number. Nintendo is currently building up – finally it is oficially represented by Nintendo Iberica (instead of a portuguese company) and has a new manager. Xbox is not so well.
I don’t know if this is some kind of marketing strategy, being in the position they are, but it really sounds like they are calling quits.


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