Posted by: seanmalstrom | December 1, 2009

Email: PS3 Ad Campaign

Hey Sean,

Just wanted to get your take on what you thought of the PS3’s recent ad campaign, focusing on “non-gamers” making use of the PS3 for its various other functions.  I’m sure you’ve seen them, but I’ve linked to them here as well:

First, the commercials really strain one’s belief: I don’t know anyone whose grandmother or girlfriend has ever even touched a PS3… if they interact with video game systems at all, it’s with the Wii.  But that’s somewhat beside the point.

My question is: if the “gaming industry” is attacking the Wii for being “too casual” and appealing to “non-gamers”, why is the PS3 trying to emulate that exact same stereotype with these commercials?  Is this a subtle attempt to try and tap into the expanded audience the Wii has created?  Is this strategy a move in the right direction for Sony?

Would appreciate your thoughts.  Read the blog all the time and have gotten a new outlook on things thanks to your “big-picture” perspective.

The commercials have a sense of humor in them. This is why they work. It is tons better than what PS3 was doing earlier.

The commercials all have a clear theme and message they are trying to get across about the PS3.

First Commercial is about the PS3 playing Blu-Ray movies.

Second Commercial is about the PS3’s graphics being “movie like”.

Third Commercial is about the PS3’s Internet capabilities.

Instead of hitting the viewer over the head with a feature list, it is wrapped in a humorous skit which delivers the point in a more memorable way. The commercials aren’t OMG good. But they are not bad either.

The only problem I see with that they are not going to get out of the young person demographic with them. Real grandmas are not going to think it is funny of their childhood being portrayed as playing with a stick. Non-gamers in general aren’t going to respond too well to the ads. They seem like they are aimed more at the youth, at the pop-culture type crowd.


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