Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 27, 2010

Nintendo going through old Zelda documents?

What is this? In an Iwata Asks about Zelda handhelds, the Nintendo developers are poring over documents from the original Legend of Zelda. Iwata, who formerly said that Zelda could not be defined, is now suddenly talking about the ‘Zelda essence’? Iwata even refers to Miyamoto, Nakago, and Tezuka as the ‘trio’. It is a very surreal reading experience for me. I suspect this Iwata Asks interview was, in part, a new direction in the Zelda series by getting back to its roots. Iwata picking the “trio’s” brains and about the evolution of handheld Zelda (and really about Zelda in general) with much attention at the end with the original Zelda seem to reflect this direction. And Aonuma is there to learn.

This reminds me that I need to finish and put up my little “Essence of Zelda” mini-article. It will say how Zelda originally sold to non-gamers and new gamers.

“What! More baseless opinion?” shouts a reader.

No. There is proof to back it up.



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