Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 31, 2010

Who is Malstrom and his “followers”?

I’m very interested to know who is being spoken about by ‘followers’.

An apparent GoNintendo mod made this insulting comment:

Don’t worry Darth Vader, Malstrom and his followers are still gonna hate it.

Followers? People who read this website do so because they are in the same boat I am as they are former console gamers who are coming back because of the DS and Wii.

Are the millions of people who bought the Wii for Mario 5 and completely skipped Mario Galaxy my followers as well?

Are the declining sales and interest in the Zelda franchise also belong to my ‘followers’?

Did my ‘followers’ buy NES Classic Metroid for GBA and Virtual Console while skipping Zero Mission? Did a million of my ‘followers’ buy Metroid Prime and not buy
Metroid Fusion?

What if people like myself are closer to the masses and their disinterest than the kids who populate the gaming message forums?

Mods like Garfitor probably don’t think I see their insulting comments, but I have been seeing this on GoNintendo for quite some time. I remember defending GoNintendo from people like Steve Kent who was trashing the site with no reason.

Word to Rawmeat Cowboy: characters like Garfitor are giving credence to the GoNintendo bashers.

Apparently, I am not allowed to have a different opinion on a video game than Garfitor is. And apparently that differing opinion is only “hate”. Incredible. And if anyone agrees with that opinion, they are not people who agree or share the same views. They are ‘followers’ as if mind-numb robots.

One thing I am realizing is that children these days have never been challenged in many of their conventional wisdom held views. You can even see this on something as inconsequential as video games. No one has ever challenged their conventional wisdom held view, for example, that the game comes from the ‘artist’ designer. So if I criticize someone like Miyamoto, they go complete bonkers. And I would be in every right to criticize Miyamoto as he hasn’t been making games that interested me in almost fifteen years. And how he stopped making 2d Mario games was absolutely outrageous. Why should I have to wait eighteen years for a Mario game? And with someone like Sakamoto, from my perspective, he is consistent only in driving the Metroid franchise into the ditch. Metroid Fusion’s story was so bad that no one wants to make a Metroid game post-Fusion. Metroid Zero Mission sold so bad that Nintendo refuses to make a new 2d Metroid. I’m pointing out that the reason why Metroid hasn’t became a major success was because Sakamoto and his stupid ideas were holding the series into the sales gutter. The peak of the Metroid franchise, both in sales and in public interest, has been the Prime series of which Sakamoto had little part.

Responding to what I’ve said such as the above as ‘hate’ is childish and shows kids like Garfitor have never truly been challenged. I’ve been playing Metroid before most of these kids on the gaming message forums were even born. It is time they start growing a pair and meet up to the challenge rather than just labeling every different opinion as ‘hate’.



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