Posted by: seanmalstrom | April 2, 2010

Email: Pachter calls Vitality Sensor stupid

You know, I really wouldn’t mind if Pachter would at least be consistent.  He called the PSP Go a rip off, then quickly retracted that statement.  Now he’s flat calling the Vitality Sensor stupid (even though we don’t have any software demos to speak of), and I know damn well he’ll never retract that statement.  What a jackass.

Also, just an aside, the commentators on GoNintendo are really annoying.

Pachter’s reputation is clearly imploding. When an analyst has to declare, “I am not biased,” well, what does that say? He even admits in his Pachter show on Gametrailers that he was disappointed that Nintendo did not take his ‘advice’ and make a Wii HD. The sector of the Industry that Pachter represents would love to port their stuff to a Wii HD. But an analyst is supposed to analyze the market, not try to manipulate it.

People keep sending me Pachter stuff, but I try to avoid him now. He’s quoted in enough places. I’m not going to put his stuff on my website. I mean, he has almost every game website including TV shows to do it for him.

About GoNintendo, it isn’t the ‘commentators’, it is the actual staff there. I’ve been trying to ignore the bile coming from their ‘moderators’ for a while. So now I am going to shine a giant spotlight on it so everyone knows what exactly is going on behind the scenes there.

As I said, these guys don’t think I can see what they are saying about me.

Gais gais, malstrom wrote a blog post about me! … followers/
Lol, I feel so famous. :P What a tool. I love how he reports me to RMC like that. Oh noes, he’s telling the boss on me! :D Ah man, I just couldn’t stop grinning reading that. Awesome stuff.

If I wanted to ‘report’ anyone, I would have just emailed RMC. The reason why I am putting it on my blog is so the reader knows why this site won’t be as friendly to Go Nintendo as it was in the past. I’ve always been nice to you guys. But no more. Since the traffic of this website is heavily Nintendo, it is important that they actually see what is being said or they wouldn’t believe it. In the same way, they wouldn’t believe IGN Nintendo saying outright garbage until we kept showing it on a consistent basis.



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