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Hi Sean,

I was wondering why you don’t let people leave comments on your blogs. Afraid that you might be proven wrong?

This blog used to have comments. It didn’t work because it forced me to police the comments, constantly, and people would also keep spamming stuff in older topics. There was an incident where a whole bunch of feminists decided to invade the blog were upset that I derided a 1up article that tried to pointed out ‘women in gaming’. My point was that they were pointing out mediocrities when they could have pointed at some true giants such as the designer of the King’s Quest games (a woman). The programmer of Archon (1983, the first game EA published) was a woman (which should raise eyebrows because while female programmers are considered rare today, they were seen as nonexistent in 1983). The feminists were not so much arguing against anything that was written by me, they were just shrieking shaming language (I am not married to these women, I don’t have to endure their shrieks). Since Malstrom is a male of incredible amounts of testosterone, I wasn’t going to have people post whatever they want on my site. So I stopped the comments.

On the nature of content, it is no surprise to find that comments sections of any story on the Internet are poorly written and are not fun to read. I did the comments section in the first place because I wanted people to be able to respond to what is said here, if they chose to respond. They could agree. Disagree. They could bring up a different issue.

Newspapers during their salad days did not allow anyone to have their letter published. What happened is they would choose the better and more interesting ones as display. News websites, however, allow anyone to post on their stories which creates problems. Bad content drives out the good.

I’ve found forcing people to use ’email’ has improved the content considerably. At first, some people’s emails were like a comments section but would ramble on and on. Think of a typical ‘comment’ that ran a page. So I would put them up to hopefully shame the writer for sending me gibberish. It worked. People realized I would put up their emails on this site. Immediately after, emails began to come in using correct capitalization, decent spelling and grammar, and is so much better quality than you would find in a comments section. People correctly figured that their arguments would hold more sway if they STOPPED TALKING LIKE THIS or l1k3 tHiS 4 sUrE. (Incidentally, some people try to use the trackbacks as a way to post comments on this site! They are so eager to somehow put their words on my site!)

I love hate mail. Unfortunately, I do not get hate mail anymore. I would always put up hate mail or emails that disagree with me. However, if someone is trying too hard, they do not get put up.

When ‘Malstrom’ first appeared, many people made the mistake that I was a ‘Nintendo fan’. To the contrary, I was actually a ‘Revolution fan’. I don’t care whether Nintendo does well or not. But I recall and cherish the days of the original video game revolution and wish to see video games in constant revolution. I like the Wii not because Nintendo made it but because it is a revolutionary console. It brought excitement to video games that has not been seen since the days of the NES or Atari. And when Nintendo poured cold water on their revolution fire due to their self-indulgence, I criticize them for that as well. I want revolution. I want creative destruction. I want disruption.

I do not normally answer emails with email. I often respond to emails by putting it up on the site and responding to it. This way it is a response to the emailer, but it is seen by everyone. There is nothing hidden about this website. It also kills two birds in one stone since I am answering an emailer and putting up some content on the blog.

I read all my emails. However, since my replies tend to be long I cannot reply to all of them. The longer the email, the more difficult it is to reply. Usually what happens is the longer emails I delay on answering them (because it takes far longer to respond to). Unfortunately, more email is pouring in and new events are taking place that I need to talk about. Also, sometimes I am not available for several days or even a month due to real life things. We all have those times.

If I didn’t respond to your email for some reason, feel free to send it again.

The bottom line is that comments are not enabled because it puts control of the content (the most important ingredient) in the hands of rank amateurs. Fantastic content does not occur in comments sections of webpages.

Some people are very vile. It is not uncommon for someone, who really, really hates a site, to put up comments or content using hateful and derogatory language and then tell the host of the site (in this case WordPress) that ‘the mean and evil Malstrom is hosting hateful content! Look at these comments!’ and such people would pressure the host to shut down the site.

I’ve noticed that many people do not wish to argue or discuss or anything. They wish only to gag you. The things I am saying on this webpage would not be ‘argued’ or ‘discussed’ in any other forum or website comment. What would occur instead is that they would just ban the person. Many people have discovered this if they repeat anything that is said here outside on traditional gaming places. Viral marketers, who run amuck in many traditional gaming arenas, will instantly recognize you as a threat and try to wipe you out (often by declaring you are a viral marketer).

But they cannot wipe out this webpage. They cannot ban me from my own website. Frustrated viral marketers have instead aimed at “Malstrom” himself. But what is “Malstrom”? They don’t know. There are no details. The site has no means of making profit so what is written on it isn’t for hits and giggles. So they have done their best at trying to ignore this webpage (even though they all read it). It my delight and pleasure to frustrate the ‘Game Industry’.



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