Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 10, 2010

Comparison of Two Cutscenes

Let us compare two cutscenes from two sci-fi games released at the same time that did a flashback of a main female character.

Why does one work and the other doesn’t? Why is Kerrigan’s despair illustrated well without painting her as a weak female crybaby? A big answer is the lack of dialogue. I know writers who do write for television, and they say a big challenge is to not use dialogue. In order to create powerful scenes, you need to focus more on the visuals and not on the dialogue. Kerrigan doesn’t tell us she is in despair. She shows it by dropping her gun and staring helplessly at the sky. The sad chorus coming on at the end highlights the sadness.

Nintendo can go against the market by putting Samus Aran to the bizarre eccentricity of one Sakamoto. But the point is that other game companies will fill the void (i.e. Kerrigan is the star in Heart of the Swarm. And I bet we will even see her ‘maternal instincts’). This comparison is to illustrate how Japan is rapidly falling behind while the West moves on ahead in gaming’s progress.



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