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Email: Pachter continues his role as jester

I haven’t watched this yet because I can’t stand even looking at Pachter, but apparently, not only did Pachter go on a complete tirade about “Wii HD,” he argued with N’Gai Croal and said that Nintendo should not innovate with its next console and should just release an HD-capable Wii. Oh, and to top it off, apparently they showed off several Wii games in HD (which requires a special emulator as far as I’m aware). Way to go Gametrailers….

This goes beyond moonlighting. This guy is actually trying to sabotage Nintendo by convincing viewers that they need Wii games in HD.

Here’s the link:

The reason why Pachter won’t shut up about Wii HD is because he lost much in his professional reputation by his relentless lobbying for Wii HD and even made the public believe Nintendo would put out a Wii HD very soon. Every reporter began asking Nintendo executives nonstop about this mythical ‘Wii HD’. I’d imagine Reggie and Iwata would be pretty pissed.

Three things to note with that segment:

1) New Wii controller not mentioned- Why would Nintendo go through the trouble of releasing a new Wii-mote with motion plus inside it? Clearly, games like Donkey Kong Country Returns do not need it. So why do it? The answer is that Nintendo has motion plus software to unveil in 2011. Why they were discussing things like the vitality sensor when Nintendo has already showed its gameplan with the new Wii controller is beyond me.

2) Metroid: Other M is never mentioned- Why not? Wasn’t this Gametrailers’ most anticipated game? And the game recently came out. Why no mention of it? Has Other M become like the CDi Mario and Zelda games where no one mentions its existence?

3) Nintendo did exactly what these guests recommended several years ago- Back in 2007 and 2008, all you heard was constant complaining about the lack of ‘hardcore games’ from Nintendo. So Nintendo gave them Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid: Other M, published Sin and Punishment 2, and so on. What was the result? Further drop in sales.

While I’m not referring to the panel on Gametrailers, it is pretty clear that people in the Industry and journalists intentionally give Nintendo the wrong advice. This really became evident when NSMB Wii appeared at E3 2009, and viral marketers and bashers all came out against it. Why? Because Nintendo’s competitors know the power of 2d Mario. Even now they are saying, “NSMB Wii sucked! Stop making it! Instead, make more games like Mario Galaxy!” Nintendo’s competitors absolutely love Metroid: Other M and are heavily pushing for Nintendo to make Mario and Zelda like that. There is even an IGN article which is suggesting for Nintendo to push Gamecube games on the 3DS.

These people aren’t stupid. They know if Nintendo does what they suggest, it will have falling sales. Hilariously, Nintendo allows itself to be so easily co-opted. “What? You want more hardcore games? OK.” Sales fall. During the Gamecube era, it was, “What? You want more gritty and adult themed games? OK.” Sales fall. Right now operatives like Pachter keep pushing for a Wii HD because they know it would destroy Nintendo’s platform. Third parties don’t have any interest in porting over their software to any mythical Wii HD because if they did, the Gamecube would have had more third party software.

From the past five years I have closely been observing, Michael Pachter has never once had a positive prediction about the Wii (aside from the generic “they will sell most their stuff during Christmas” which applies to every console).

2005- Pachter predicted “Revolution” to fail and PS3 to be on top. PSP was to bury the DS.
2006- Pachter was looking only at the Xbox 360 and PS3. The only mention of Wii was in third place. Keeps predicting PS3 resurgence.
2007- Pachter constantly calls Wii a “fad”. Keeps predicting PS3 resurgence.
2008- Pachter begins to predict Nintendo will release a Wii HD “very soon”. When Nintendo execs call him out on it, Pachter tells Reggie that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Keeps predicting PS3 resurgence.
2009- Pachter begins talking a ton of smack, more than usual. He never stops mentioning Wii HD. Keeps predicting PS3 resurgence.

Investors should ask why are they paying money to this guy if he can’t get anything really correct about the future.

I am also wondering why ‘big picture’ history is never referenced in these type of shows. For example, they talk about how game handhelds are in ‘trouble’ because other portable devices can play games like cell phones and ipads. But no one wants to bring up that this exactly mirrors the PC versus game console debate of the 1980s.

The reason why “everyone” said there was no more future for the game console wasn’t because of the Atari Crash. It was because PCs could play video games too. So why buy a game console that can only play games where a PC can do that and so much more?

Above: It’s the Commodore! And it plays games too! And its Captain Kirk telling me to buy it!

The NES ended this argument. Ever since the NES, no one questioned that PC gaming and console gaming were two different markets and PC gaming would never, ever replace console gaming.

Everyone said cell phone games made gameboys obsolete but the DS ended that argument.

And the same thing will occur with handhelds. Computer technology has come to the point where rich computers can be placed inside a handheld. And since so many people do not remember history because they were not born yet, they actually think handheld computers will replace dedicated portables for gaming.



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