Posted by: seanmalstrom | July 13, 2011

Gamers over 30 years old are weird?

If they meant people who maintained blogs about video games (like myself), perhaps I would agree. But what is really being said here?

I don’t think this has anything to do with gaming. Gaming , over 30, is almost always the province of single men. Note how they made the exception of a guy who has kids (he wouldn’t be single if he had kids). Since I fit the description of the ‘weird’, let me say what is really being said.

This is an attack on single men over 30. Instead of finding some used up woman to marry, these single men are going their own way and going whatever they find is fun. The men are playing the video game because it is far more entertaining than those women you saw on the Today Show. How much make-up did they have to dump on those wretches to put them on TV? Looks like a ton. (The ‘man’ there doesn’t even appear to be a man. What is he doing holding hands at the end and singing Kumbaya? WTF?)

When I get put in a retirement home, I hope I am cognizant enough to still be playing video games. I’d much rather play video games than watch TV (such as shows like the Today Show).

You know what I think is weird? Women over 30 who keep going to theme parks. Yeah, they use the kids as an excuse, but do they really need season passes to four or five theme parks? Most of the husbands, I’ve talked to, despise these theme parks. They feel they are just a money trap (which they are). I can see why kids would want to go to Disneyland. But I think it is strange that women over 30 years old want to go.

Video games are a cheap hobby. It may not seem cheap when you are young, but compare the cost of video games to a theme park, or football season tickets, or the orchestra, or (God bless you) the opera. Video games are also the most social medium ever made.

These women are pathetic if they, beings of flesh and blood, cannot compete with the amusement of a video game. No wonder these women cannot get married.



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