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Email: I’m done with Nintendo

Up until recently, the only “next gen” console I had was a Wii.  When I was finally working again I found myself wanting to get a Playstation 3 since at least there were some games on there I wanted to play and I know that there continue to be games coming out for it that I want to check out.  But this was during the week of E3 and I was going to Game Stop to make the purchase for a new game system and games, and right after I read  your post saying that if Cafe Nintendo refuses to make the food we want, we either stop going to the restaurant…or we go to a competitors, well, that pretty much settled it in my mind.  Not even a word was mentioned about Dragon Quest X, Last Story, Xenoblade, or anything else in the way of RPGs or big meaty games during E3.  I’ve been waiting for over three years for Nintendo to make good on making some straightforward, action-packed games with motion controls.

I’m still waiting.  Well, I’m not waiting anymore.  It hurt me to do this, but I took my Wii, most of my games, and sold it off at Game Stop to get me more games (used games, mind you) for my new PS3.  Oddly enough they had a deal on getting more store credit for trading in Wiis.  Probably cuz of the Wii U announcement, or maybe it was a coincidence.  But I was able to get the kinds of games I wanted to play on the Wii, but never got it.  I got action games, RPGs, and even got some classics off of PSN (such as Symphony of the Night and Front Mission 3), along with some “newer” games like Contra Hard Corps Uprising and Wizardry.  And I’m actually gaming again and coming close to enjoying myself.

But I’m still utterly disgusted with Nintendo.  Knowing what I know now because of your site there’s no other way I can feel.  In fact, this is not the first time this has happened.  Way back in the day the same thing happened with me and the Nintendo 64.  Nintendo went in such a horrible direction that I got fed up with them.  There were hardly any first party games, hardly any third party games, and while there were good third party games, there weren’t nearly enough of either coming out to satiate my gaming thirst.  Then there was all the horrible add-ons like the memory paks for the controller and the Expansion Pak for the console itself.  And my cousin had a Playstation and there were plenty of great games coming out for it at the time, and all (relatively speaking), more straightforward and bullshit-laden than games for the N64.  In fact, the original Playstation did have a nice straightforward simplicity to it (a simplicity that Sony stupidly abandoned on their follow up consoles).

But it still sucks.  The only Nintendo product I have now is my DS, and that’s because there’s still plenty of games for the system coming out I want for it, even if Nintendo themselves aren’t interested in making anymore games for the system.  Nintendo abandoning the DS as they have has to have been the absolute dumbest move they’ve made, with the Wii U being close or on par with it.  And now with Nintendo expressing no interest in porting over Xenoblade or the Last Story or any of their other titles, or letting smaller publishers do so, people are calling bullshit on them. In fact doing that with no real explanation is going to hurt Nintendo more than the Wii U or the 3DS will in its own way, if you stop to think about it.  If Nintendo wants those “hardcore” gamers, then they need to be making and releasing a broad spectrum of games, not just the drivel that they release now that they call games.  If Nintendo can’t even make the effort to release games like RPGs for the Wii, and with Nintendo’s prior localization track record, people are only going to assume that this status quo is going to continue on the Wii U.  So what makes Nintendo think they’re going to get “hardcore” gamers on the Wii if they won’t even release the kinds of games that they play.  And of course when you consider that they’ll be losing the second tier gaming crowd with the Wii U, they’re actually going to be doing a lot worse than people suspect.  You said the Wii U will see Game Cube levels of decline, but to be blunt I’m starting to think it’ll be worse than even that.

And finally, just like you said, at E3 we saw Zelda being described as nothing but puzzles, even the combat.  What a bunch of shit.  But I think it does cement your ability to intuit what the jackasses at Nintendo are thinking for all to see.  Really, ever since I started reading this site and seeing the direction Nintendo was going down, I actually started asking myself what kind of games I could make based off my gaming experience and off of the stuff you’ve spoken about on this site concerning making games around the behavior of customers and the like.  I’ve already thought of making a straightforward Zelda-like game, and at this point could probably a more Zelda-like game than Nintendo has in the last ten years.

Like you said, gaming started with a few guys like Manfed Trenz or Sid Meir and the like, and some of them even got started because they played a game that sucked and thought they could do better.  Well, not only am I playing games where I’m saying to myself “God I could do better than this.”  I’m also playing games I like and saying “Gee, I like this, but I wish I could do more.”  or “God, just shut the hell up and let me kick ass already, god if I had made this I’d have trimmed out some superfluous stuff.”  I’m sure you don’t think that your blog has any impact on changing the attitude that the game industry has towards its customers and especially Nintendo, however, I can absolutely assure you that your site has had an impact on gamers like me who are sick of waiting around for the game industry to make the games we want to play.  It may take some time, but I firmly believe in my heart everything you’ve written about on here will blossom in the form of gamers who take what you have said to heart to make the kind of games that will get the revolution on track.  Who knows, maybe even one day somebody that read this site will own Nintendo, and make Miyamoto make the games he refused to.  Or fire his lazy ass.  And who knows, given the way the game industry has twist and turned in just these short five years, anything may be possible at this point.

Anyways, like you, I’m buying up games for the upcoming gaming drought.  At least there’s plenty of games already out I want to play.  But I won’t be giving Nintendo anymore of my money.  I’ll plug a controller into this laptop and plug the laptop to my new HDTV and play old 8-bit and 16-bit games on the thing for my Nephew to watch.  I won’t be the same, but I refuse to support a company that shows utter contempt and disrespect for its customers, especially the ones that helped make them so successful in the first place.  Anyways, you can add this emailer to the long list of disenfranchised old-school Nintendo gamers.  The only two questions I have left for you are:

What were those PC games you really like (sorry to bring this up if you haven’t forgot), and I recently went back to your old Malstrom Articles is gone, and I can’t find them anywhere.  I enjoy reading and refreshing my memory on the stuff on there.  I was wondering if you knew about this or could direct me to some other site where you had that up?
Oh yeah, and one more thing, I don’t know if anyone has ever sent this to you, but this guy makes a pretty good example of how a game company makes and then loses its longtime customers. One day someone will probably do this for Zelda, but then again what you’ve done on here might be more than enough.Another satisfied customer.This email somehow got sent to my spam, but I was able to rescue it. Very good overview of the ‘disgust’ many are feeling. The question we are asking is, “Why buy a Nintendo console?”

I thank you for the kind words for myself. If anyone got anything from this madness called a website, so much the better! I’ve been wondering what kept me doing this for so long. It isn’t several years of frustration. It is more like twenty years of frustration.

Don’t think that your only alternative is to go in as a game developer. Gaming could greatly benefit from good people going into the business side.

The PC games are coming. Some will be games people know, some people will not hear about. They are just games I cannot stop playing and find myself returning on and on for some strange reason. None have been surpassed or equaled. I believe they are all now available for free.



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