Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 3, 2011

Email: Can they?

You’ve said earlier that the reason why 3DS will not be suppported by Nintendo in the following year anymore in terms of making games for it is because of Wii U. 

If all things fail except for making more games for the handheld, should they delay the launch of their upcoming console? Could they? Would they?

If the Wii U is delayed, Nintendo ends up releasing the Wii U when the successor to the Xbox 360 (and maybe PS3) come out.

These console companies are no longer seeing gamers as the prize. They are competing for developers. It is believed whoever releases first will get the developers. The developers will get used to working with the system and then the flow of third party games goes toward that console. Iwata is on record for saying the Gamecube and N64 failed because they were released ‘too late’. The Wii was deliberately timed to be released when the PS3 did.

Nintendo is probably thinking the release of the Xbox 360 in 2005 jinxed the overall third party flow. So if Nintendo releases first, they will get the third party developers. At least, this is the current Nintendo perspective.

Unless something catastrophic occurs on the production side, I don’t see the Wii U being delayed.

We should anticipate a future where Nintendo makes two Gamecubes. One handheld and one home console. I’m not sure how Nintendo can possibly make money with two Gamecubes.

The Gamecube Era, with its high sales of Gameboy Advance systems, is going to seem like a Golden Age compared to the Hell Nintendo is entering.

Remember how Iwata said that if the DS failed, Nintendo would be crippled? With the 3DS failing, we are witnessing a crippled Nintendo. This is throwing everything they thought was true about video games into disarray.

I do expect people to blame the lack of Wii U sales to be due to smartphones. Perhaps more game industry commentators will jump the shark by declaring, “The home console is a thing of the past!” I’ll bring the popcorn.

Above: The ‘Game Industry’ commentary on Nintendo in the 8th Generation, already bordering on the insane, will become even more ludicrous. Malstrom promises to provide the popcorn.


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