Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 24, 2011

Email: Steve Jobs

Mr. Malstrom,

Word just surfaced that Steve Jobs is stepping down as CEO of Apple and was elected to be Chairman of the Board. One of his trusted aides, Tim Cook, is succeeding him. I know you don’t talk about Apple much but I’m curious as to why this change is taking place.

Keep up the good work

It is because of his health. It will be fun to watch Apple’s stock crash tomorrow (already has lost 5%).

What every handheld gamer should do is go to the nearest Apple message forum and say,

“Everyone knows the true reason why Steve Jobs resigned. Apple cannot compete with dedicated handheld gaming devices. What Apple fans are not familiar with is that Steve Jobs was an employee of Atari and received his business training from Atari’s main investor. The Apple II was designed around the video game ‘Break-Out’ which Wozniak essentially designed. Video games created the personal computer, not the other way around. In the same way, handheld video games created the handheld computers, not the other way around. And despite Steve Jobs’s origins in gaming, his success in media only comes from old media such as movies (Pixar) to music (iPod). Steve Jobs has had the same exact effect on video games as Bill Gates: none. Aside from providing computer hardware that can also play video games, the nature of video games has been unchanged and uninfluenced by Jobs.

“It is wise for Steve Jobs to exit his role in the company now when it is clear that he has failed for the second time  (the first time was in home game consoles, the second was handheld game consoles) to take over gaming. Steve Jobs has failed to surpass his original employer, Nolan Bushnell, in influence over video games.

“Meanwhile, dedicated game hardware continues along merrily oblivious to what goes on in Apple.”

With all the crap the Apple bots have been crusading over the past few years with the ‘Game console is doomed because of Apple’ nonsense, it is time for gamers to turn it around on Apple. Apple is now the ‘doomed’. Fair play is fair play.



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