Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 8, 2011

When you are on the Nintendo Beat, you say what Nintendo wants you to say

If you performed a colonoscopy of Nintendo, you’d find Richard George and this article inside.

I’m all for people who have disagreements and varying opinions, but can’t you guys do some effort to not sound like the official NOA response? None of this is working. The market is becoming increasingly resistant to being manipulated like this.

The fact that the 3DS needed a second analog input is almost undeniable. Most modern games require it

No, Gamecube-esque games require it. DS used a SNES design for the control scheme. Wii used a NES design for the control scheme. Nintendo intentionally re-designed the controller because of the complexity and inaccessibility of the ‘modern controller’. A Wii-mote is as friendly as a TV remote. A modern controller even scares me. I hate the damn things.

3DS Advocates (all two of them) have been denying that Nintendo is re-adopting the Gamecube-esque direction. But with the slider expansion, the 3DS is turning more and more into the Gamecube right before our very eyes! There is no way such a ‘slider expansion’ can expand the market. It will alienate the audience that made the DS such a success.



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