Posted by: seanmalstrom | November 24, 2011

Email: Different opinion on Minecraft

Hi Sean, I haven’t had a lot of time to write lately, but I’ll make an
exception for Minecraft. I just read the e-mail “On Minecraft’s
‘release’”, and I’d like to give a different opinion. I have played
the pirated version of Minecraft as I’m not too fond of having already
paid for games that later disappoint me. I thought Minecraft was great
and all, but like you, I overwhelmed the game and I just felt it
lacked objective, so I didn’t feel like buying it.

Then Notch’s said his aproach on piracy is “there’s no such thing as a
lost sell”, and I liked that. So when he announced the “Adventure
Update”, he got me, I felt the hype and bought it, for more than I
would pay on beta, because I felt I’d get the value I didn’t feel I
would on the pirated version. I wasn’t disappointed, here’s my

1- Reason to explore. I couldn’t just stand in my home for as long as
I liked, I had to hunt to refill my hunger meter, I felt like a real
hunter, cause my home was at the swamp biome, I wouldn’t see meat very
often, I had to work my way with mushrooms. One day I found a village,
so I stole all their food.

2- Excitement. At anytime I could see an Endermen and the fight would
be different according to what was around me, like other mobs. Their
teleporting really makes for some frantic fights. The combat is much
better, now you can defend with the right mouse button and it really
feels like fighting, not just a Rock’em Sock’em Robots match.

3- Challenge. Once I made to the Nether, I felt challenged to stay
alive. I had to build a temporary base, but nothing was really safe
there. I felt I could never dominate the Nether, which offered me a
permanent feeling of fear that usually wears off on the normal world,
while it didn’t screw with my own world, I could choose when I’d want
to be challenged, but there I could get better items.

I’m enjoying the game a lot, and I believe others are too, I’m really
feeling adventurous as I once felt in the beginning of Minecraft. I
wouldn’t defend Notch thought, he surely doesn’t look like he knows
why his game works.

Thanks as always for your time, sorry for the long text ^^

Well, I haven’t played much of it recently. One thing I thought that kinda broke the game was how you can change the difficulty to peaceful on the fly. Once I learned that, I would put it on peaceful and go into the underground to place all the torches. This is a problem I put with arcade games on consoles where when you die and asks to ‘insert coin to continue’, you just press a button and you’re there.

Maybe I’ve just played the game too much or something. One thing though that everyone with Minecraft should experience is playing the game with a friend. It is really cool to log into the server and see what changes to the world they made. It is a type of ‘passive multiplayer’.

There is also a ton of mods and custom maps I haven’t even begun to look at.


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