Posted by: seanmalstrom | December 8, 2011

Nintendo enters damage control mode

Nintendo is entering ‘damage control mode’ because of the downward trend of their stock. They wouldn’t be making any ‘statements’ otherwise.

First of all, Chris Kohler is the American (or is he in Japan now?) ‘game journalist’ with the best relationship with Nintendo. Second, his story has direct quotes from Miyamoto.

Of course, Miyamoto is not going to “retire”. From the post below, even I knew that. Young man, ‘retirement’ is a word that old men use to mean ‘to do whatever the fuck I want’. When an old man ‘retires’, he is fishing all day or he had decided to do experiments he decided to do and not what the science institute decides for him to do. Miyamoto is using ‘retire’ is the exact way how old people use it to mean to do ‘whatever the hell I want’.

While it is technically true that Miyamoto is spending more time with ‘young developers’, the reason why is for Miyamoto to do whatever he wants to do. Interestingly, the PR wizards at Nintendo are downplaying Miyamoto doing ‘whatever he wants to do’ and are trying to spin this as Miyamoto wants to ‘nurture young developers’ (while the Wired interview says Miyamoto is finished with ‘nurturing’ and wishes for himself to do game development).



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