Posted by: seanmalstrom | December 11, 2011

Celebration of Miyamoto’s Retirement: Day Three

And now we come to the third day of celebration of Miyamoto’s retirement. Today, it will be short and sweet.

Reason Three: Nintendo is forced to make games no one wants because Miyamoto can’t keep his mouth shut in interviews

While I’m sure there are other examples, the most notorious is Pikmin 3. At E3 2008, faced with a disappointing reaction to the conference, Miyamoto decided on himself to ‘improve’ things by announcing Pikmin 3 in an interview. The problem is that this was a surprise to the development staff back at Japan. Miyamoto would arrive back and say, “Hey guys, guess what? We’re making Pikmin 3!” And in the Iwata Asks, Iwata and Miyamoto would giggle about how when Miyamoto first blurted it out that there was no plans about it. It would be reminiscent of Iwata announcing Smash Brothers Brawl when there was no development begun on it.

Pikmin 1 and 2 were not big sellers and are partially responsible for Gamecube’s mediocre sales. A third Pikmin game seems crazy and ridiculously expensive. Strangely, the games Miyamoto wants to make are always those that have sequel numbers.

With Miyamoto’s retirement, hopefully Nintendo will no longer be forced to start making games when someone tries to force development by already announcing it in an interview with the press.


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