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I want New Legend of Zelda

While Nintendo (correctly) assumes a new 2d Mario would help their 3DS sales, why not go further? I would be really excited by a New Legend of Zelda. It would be similar to the original Legend of Zelda and Link to the Past. It would have the same combat mechanics. Perhaps they could even throw in an editor in the game where people could make and share their own dungeons and worlds. And like how Dragon Quest 9 had people run around to get a treasure map, why not have something like that with secret caves and even new dungeons being able to be downloaded?

The multiplayer opportunities presented in NSMB and Super Mario Brothers 5 did very well at refreshing the experience. Multiplayer opportunities in New Legend of Zelda would be even more exquisite and could possibly transform the series into a MMO (stay with me reader). The problem with ‘Four Swords Adventures’ is that it wasn’t a Zelda game. It was just a collection of puzzles which is not what Zelda is. Zelda is not a puzzle game. That is Lolo’s Adventures. Zelda has always been about swashbuckling. A multiplayer Zelda would resemble Gauntlet in spirit.

When Nintendo showed off NSMB DS (E3 2005), that was the exact moment when the DS began to start selling better. That is also when I bought a DS after not buying a system since the Gameboy. The Wii sales from the release of Super Mario Brothers 5 also speak for themselves.

When NSMB DS was shown off, I actually felt excited about Nintendo and its future. Throughout the N64 and Gamecube periods, I was depressed. While Nintendo recognizes that 2d Mario has an effect, I do not think they know what the next step is.

Consumers like myself felt like Nintendo turned into a different company with the Virtual Boy and Nintendo 64. The lineage of Nintendo games was unbroken starting with Donkey Kong. From Donkey Kong, there was Donkey Kong Jr., Donkey Kong 3, and Mario Brothers. And from there, it was Super Mario Brothers, Doki Doki Panic, Super Mario Brothers 3, and Super Mario Brothers 4. Since Super Mario 64 never felt like a sequel to 2d Mario to so many of us gamers, consider the large scale ramifications. The entire Nintendo 64 and Gamecube generations felt like Nintendo was not continuing its lineage. It was doing something… different. Something that was not for us.

What we want is Nintendo to continue its lineage. This is why the retro themes of Gameboy systems and Nintendo Classics line were so incredibly popular. It wasn’t because people were ‘nostalgic’. The consumers were trying to give you a signal. They want you to continue the spirit of the original game systems. Wii Sports was based off of the original NES games. The Wii-mote is like the NES controller. And look how well that system performed for Nintendo. The DS in its SNES-like design is also very appealing.

It is not just liking of 2d Mario for the reason for 2d Mario that sells well. 2d Mario is the symbol of Classic Nintendo. Everyone got excited because they see 2d Mario as the herald to Nintendo returning to its lineage.

The next logical step is to make a New Legend of Zelda. Make a game Aonuma hates (as Aonuma hates Classic Zelda). Such a game would send shockwaves of excitement throughout similar to what NSMB did. Another NSMB will lose this excitement effect because Nintendo did not follow up last time, there is no indication Nintendo will follow up this time either. But a New Legend of Zelda would reveal Nintendo means business.

Wii Sports is the true successor to the NES sports games. It continued its lineage in the same way Mario Kart games continues the lineage started from Super Mario Kart.

And after New Legend of Zelda, which would be a low risk/high rewards released on the handheld, there is another game Nintendo should consider. I think it would be perfect for the home console. Even the Wii U’s controller screen could be useful for the map. It is a true successor to this game:

Audience, gamers of the Internet, give me your response!

Everyone wants it! Let’s get back to the Old Nintendo again.

And Nintendo?

Leave behind the Maternal Instincts this time…



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