Posted by: seanmalstrom | April 14, 2012

Email: Nintendo not thinking New Super Mario Brothers Wii is Super Mario Brothers 5? just a new tradmark but makes you think that maybe they will start the numbering again as a direct sequel to mario 3 from the NES

That is very interesting. We know a 2d Mario game is already being made for the Wii U and the Wii U needs a solid launch title. What better game than a 2d Mario?

What Nintendo thinks what is a sequel and what isn’t is not relevant. What is relevant is how the audience sees it. Nintendo thought 3d Mario games were ‘Mario games’ in the tradition of Super Mario Brothers and Super Mario World. The market disagrees and sees 3d Mario games as a separate line of games altogether.

Since Super Mario World was already called ‘Super Mario Brothers 4’ initially, then the next 2d Mario game on the console would be ‘Super Mario Brothers 5′ in the consumers’ eyes. And the consumers reacted as if it was Super Mario Brothers 5. The Wii systems sold out. The game, itself, sold out. It currently is the bundled game with the Wii at the moment.

Nintendo needs a big traditional game at launch to sell their home game console. With the Wii, they used Zelda. Prior to that, they have always used Mario. But what if they used a 2d Mario instead? Seeing how burned Nintendo got with the 3DS, I believe Nintendo will go the safest route for a Wii U launch title. And it will be a 2d Mario game.

If Nintendo expects to sell it as Super Mario Brothers 4, there would be some high expectations for it with that title. NSMB Wii has some lame music and the production always felt flat (contrary to the Galaxy games which had symphonic orchestras and very high production values).

What if Super Mario Brothers 4, the Wii U launch title, will do what I have wanted? It would be to get a 2d Mario game the production effort and budget of a flagship 3d Mario game. It would get many people excited, myself included.

Then the issue becomes, “Can Nintendo make a game worthy of the name of ‘Super Mario Brothers 4?’ Does Nintendo have it in them?

The market wants Nintendo to succeed in such a task (if they do indeed do that task). There will be people buying the game just to support Nintendo’s direction in it. (“Make more 2d Marios!”)

Throughout the years and decades to come, many people will write many things about why the Wii made the market impact it did. But as someone who was an active observer and commentator during that time period, a big factor is that people wanted the Wii to succeed. They did not want the PlayStation 3 to succeed with its lame $599 price tag.

A good question to ask is why did people want the Wii to succeed? What did the Wii represent? What did the Wii-mote represent?

Above: A giant middle finger to the Game Industry.

And so did New Super Mario Brothers Wii. Who says you need uber 3d graphics for a game?

Above: A giant middle finger to the Game Industry.

But remember that video game that came out around 1985 that took everything over by storm? The computer game companies were shocked and speechless. Do you know what that game represented then?

Above: A giant middle finger to the Game Industry.


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