Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 4, 2012

I liked the Nintendo Direct

I enjoyed this direct-to-viewer process Nintendo did with Nintendo Direct. With the Internet, Nintendo doesn’t have to go through commentators and interviewers to tell us things.

From someone who has observed these things closely for the past several years, the past had all the information coming out in splinters and chunks divided with various interviews and appearances. Only someone who read or absorbed all of this, such as the devoted Nintendo fan or someone like myself, could piece it all together.

Instead of having to quote a magazine article or some obscure interview, this Nintendo Direct has that information in one place. If anyone wants to argue what Nintendo defines as the Wii U, the Nintendo Direct lays it all in one place.

I prefer the direct line to the consumer communication. This removes the middle men.

PS: Viral marketers need to stop defending that horrible trailer. Do you know why it is bad? It is bad because I ceased to stop thinking about the product while watching it. I was getting distracted on all the stupid skit things in it. It would have been the same way if Iwata got a cup of coffee in the middle of the Wii U explanation.

PS-2: I am detecting everyone calling the Wii U controller a specific name other than Nintendo’s “Wii U Gamepad”. The Wii controller became the Wii-mote. The Wii U Gamepad will be christened the U Pad.

Pictured Above: The U Pad



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