Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 22, 2012

Email: 3DSXL is for the hardcore gamer to save Iwata’s tooshie

I’m about to write an article about this. The 3DS XL is Nintendo
trying to save their own butts because Iwata said they’re going to
double 3DS sales in this fiscal year, yet, they have no idea how to do
that. According to Christensen’s “death spiral”, he had no choice
either, he had to promise something incredible to hold their stocks.

3DS needed a mean price cut, Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart to sell like
it did, how can they think they’re going to double theses sales with
Luigi’s Mansion 2, Paper Mario and 3DS XL? Not to mention they also
have to increase profits.

Remember when Iwata said the 3DS would become profitable again by
september? That’s probably what he meant. They’re going to sell the
3DS XL to the same consummers who bought the first 3DS and want a
larger screen for their OMG3D graphics and larger battery life.

And that makes sense in a business way, because they have to fool
those investors that they’re selling 3DS like crazy and that’s very
proffitable on their next report, and since they can’t get new
clients, they’re gonna sell it again to the same ones.

I have not been keeping up to date about Nintendo’s fiscal goals. You have a good point there.

Unable to maintain profitability of the company would be reason enough to remove Iwata. Both he and the Nintendo marketers are on the ejection seat. The only person who seems his job is eternally safe is Miyamoto as he is such an iconic figure for the company.

Have you noticed how Iwata keeps doing all these sideshows? From bananas to polygon faces, to his Iwata Asks Talk Show, and various skits? One reason why he might be doing that is to give an iconic image of himself to the company which would prevent him from being removed.


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