Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 8, 2012

Email: Steam expands beyond games

Just in case you haven’t seen this, but it seems relevant to your latest Valve posts.

And there you go.

This is all about the Valve Corporation trying to leverage gamers to make content for them. The ‘software’ that will be focused on will be related to game development or even game publishing (like web publishing). Software will be focused on making 3d models and textures, audio, and anything else that can be used to make a game. Soon, I expect the Valve Corporation to market that now ‘everyone can become a Valve developer’ and ‘work with Valve’ by buying the software placed on Steam. They will market this leverage by saying “Now you get to work with Gabe…”

This also shows why Gabe Newell says he doesn’t like Windows 8. Windows 8 will have its own software store so it becomes a direct competitor.

But I have a question for our friends, the Hardcore Gamers. Throughout the Seventh Generation, Nintendo was mocked and laughed at for making ‘non-games’ like Brain Age, Nintendogs, and Wii Sports. But these were definitely games. They were interactive entertainment software. Now, the Valve Corporation is getting involved with software not related to gaming and the Hardcore Gamer is giving them standing applause at how ‘brilliant’ this is. Brilliant to whom? Not to the gamer.

Why are ‘casual games’ bad but software not related to gaming at all is good?

Gamestop is more of a gaming business now than the Valve Corporation. At least Gamestop just sells games. And Gamestop doesn’t try to get its patrons to make content for them.


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