Posted by: seanmalstrom | October 23, 2012

Email: Games on Mac

Master Malstrom,
you dream of a mac made for games will never come true in the near future. Because Steve Jobs/Apple think games are stupid and too low for them. Games are stuff for children and not something a tech company should do.
I dont know why Jobs thought that because he learned everything about business from the Atari company. But I think Jobs was ashamed by that past he never mentioned that and most of his biography dont talk about this.
So if it was not for games Jobs wouldn´t be jobs we know today.
There was a lot of interview he talks about game of stuff he dont want and if he could apple would never play any games.
Apple could made a mac that run games easier enough with today tech but they dont want. Apple is “too cool” to play games.
Keep the good work
p.s.: sorry if i made any mistake with my english, I am brazilian so I am not a english native.

P.s2: This is the first time I email you, I have other opnios about Nintendo (i was a fan since NES but skipped N64 and Cube for Playstation and came back to the wii) but that´s for another emails.

I think Steve Jobs was more ambivalent toward gaming, not hostile to it. He had a similar reaction to books.



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