Posted by: seanmalstrom | October 23, 2012

Email: “Keep in mind…”

“Keep in mind that the Tea Party is more popular than the Democrat and Republican party.”

What?! I’m increasingly glad you declined to be interviewed.

Polling showed it was true. At least, it was true for the 2010 election cycle. Tea party outpolls Democratic, Republican parties — will anger fuel 2010 elections? asks the LA Times. Whether or not this is true for 2012 is anyone’s guess.

I am curious why the last election (2010) is being ignored by so many people. There was immense anger in the general electorate about the spending, the weak economy, and Obamacare. Is that anger gone for the 2012 cycle? I don’t think so as those elements are still present. I know the ‘undecided group’ post-debate shows are media fast food stuff, but they are displaying an anger out there especially about the economy. Last night, Luntz lost control of his group on live television as they seemed enraged about the state of the economy. In my Kermit post, I’m asking whether or not this anger is localized in the R coalition or is more broad in the general electorate. When these people saw Romney get aggressive about economic issues, he won many of their votes if the polls are to be believed. I don’t think Obama’s performance or non-performance was relevant at all. I think people out there only care about the economy today and will vote on that basis. I also believe the R and D tents are missing this in their obsession of ‘the debate game’.

In 2006 and 2008, many people missed that the new D congressmen were being elected from conservative districts disgusted at Bush’s spending (and later on with TARP). This became a more clear realization in 2010 when so many of those seats were lost. Likewise, in 2008, it is not well known that a third of conservatives voted for Obama. I don’t think they’ll do so this time around.

If a politician rides into office onto a bad economy, he will be riding out of office on the bad economy.



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