Posted by: seanmalstrom | December 20, 2012

Email: Interesting article about hardcore gamers


What a nonsense article.

Spacewar! is one of the first videogames ever made, and it ran on a computer that would cost a million dollars today. That cost has come down (incidentally changing the world, nbd), but the wider point is that computer gaming is historically linked with an economically and culturally privileged form of knowledge.

But Spaceware!, redone as Computer Space, was a commercial flop. It was PONG that was the first commercial video game. It was the simple video game that prevailed, not the complicated one. And the founder of Atari wasn’t some genius engineer but a manager at a carnival who merged video games with those stands to create the arcades. What is Space Invaders but a shooting game stand where the targets shoot back?

The Hardcore Gamer is the least educated person ever created. They prefer an artificial digital world over the organic true world.

And last I recalled, the Common Man was able to watch and enjoy the plays of Shakespeare. The people who choose not to play games are not uneducated. It is that they are educated and know that video games can be a waste of time.



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