Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 2, 2013

Why is Nintendo not ready for HD?

One possibility for all the silly artwork of games we’ve been seeing such as the cloth style for Yoshi is that Nintendo isn’t ready for HD. Lately, Miyamoto said they are still buying specialists and hiring people. Nintendo has also been on Gamecube architecture for over ten years.

Remember how long it took to get Twilight Princess out? And that was using Gamecube architecture.

I don’t buy that their ‘stylistic choices’ are due to how much extra work HD graphics are since Nintendo keeps trying to ram those ‘stylistic choices’ down the market’s throat for quite a while.

Iwata also has been saying, “We made the choices we did to keep game consoles from being made gone” or something like that. That is not why stereoscopic 3d was added to the 3DS was to save ‘consoles’. It was because you guys have some sick, sick 3d obsession that is not shared by anyone else. No one said, “This has 3d, OMG, I must buy it immediately.” With the Wii U, people already have handhelds. People look at the Gamepad and wonder why they are buying a home console to get a handheld when they could just get a handheld in many other ways. I don’t think that was necessary to ‘save console gaming’.

You know what is scary? It is that despite having a massive advantage using Gamecube architecture while competitors were struggling with HD, Nintendo’s output for the Wii was very lacking. That’s scary. I ask myself, “What are they spending so much development time on?” It is always the 3d Mario or Aonuma Zelda, both of which are games no one cares about and certainly not games that move the hardware.

Let me tell you one strong theory I have with console gaming’s decline. Readers will already know it as it hasn’t changed since forever. It is something that should be addressed more.


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