Posted by: seanmalstrom | February 24, 2013

Email: My big PS4 questions

1. Will the price be reasonable?
2. Will the account system allow me to use at least my PSOne Classic games without buying them again? Better yet, can I play my PSP downloaded games on the PS4?
3. Will there be disc based backwards compatibility, instead of just cloud based BC? I will not be happy if it’s only the latter.
3a. Will the cloud based BC be like OnLive or allow some actual downloading?
4. Will the games be more than just like before but prettier? The city shown in the Killzone demo didn’t impress me due to the graphics (which we both agree age like milk). It impressed me because it’s a cool looking city (and cool looking images age like wine), and I’d rather explore that place rather than just stare at it as a background.

All good questions. I think there is 0% chance of BC with discs with the PS4. Crappy CELL chip that Kutaragi made.



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