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It’s Texas Independence Day!

It’s time to celebrate, reader!

Texas has a very interesting story. Once upon a time, Mexico was an alternative United States of America. Mexico had declared independence from Spain. Many of the original settlers of Texas were very unhappy with the United States. President Andrew Jackson was herding Indians and removing them from lands, and this was one reason why many of the original Texans left America (such as Sam Houston, who had a Cherokee wife, or Davy Crockett).

The greatest friction between Texas and Mexico was religion. United States had religious liberty, but Mexico didn’t. Many of the Texan settlers were Protestant and were required, under Mexican law, to pay to the Catholic Church.

Mexico became a United States that failed. The president of the Mexico Republic, Santa Anna, declared the Mexican Constitution void. Many states of Mexico protested by declaring independence. Texas was just one of many. Santa Anna responded with overwhelming military might. Only the remote areas of Mexico could hold on to independence such as the Republic of Texas (to the north) or the Republic of the Yucatan (to the south). Texas lost every battle to Mexico. The Texians were in constant retreat.

Yet, there came a miracle with the Battle of San Jacinto. Overconfident, Santa Anna went ahead with a scouting expedition. The Texians ambushed the camp. The Battle of San Jacinto was only 18 minutes long. There, Santa Anna was captured. For condition of release, Santa Anna had to allow Texas to become independent which he did.

Santa Anna had a fall from grace in Mexico after that. His successors did not see Texas as an independent country but as a rebellious province. For the decade Texas was a Republic, Mexico kept sending troops north. With annexation of the United States came the protection of the United States military.

The annexation of Texas by the United States resulted in the Mexican-American War. And that war would result in the American Civil War. All of these dominoes falling because Texas declared Independence.

And today at the area of the Battle of San Jacinto is the Energy Mecca of the world, where the world’s most prestigious energy companies make their headquarters. I don’t think it is a coincidence.



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