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Miyamoto interview with TIME

Miyamoto has an interview with TIME magazine. Let’s go through it, reader.

But before we start, we must acknowledge why Miyamoto is talking to TIME magazine in the first place. Why is Miyamoto going around doing interviews? Doesn’t he have work to do?

Miyamoto usually does these interviews at E3 or when Nintendo has something to announce. But Nintendo has nothing to announce. E3 isn’t that far away. So why is Miyamoto being sent out there now?

This is Panic Nintendo. Panic Nintendo sends The Miyamoto out to talk to the press and inform them of how amazing the Wii U actually is.

One of the things I think is particularly unique about Wii U is that up until now, game consoles in the home haven’t been able to function unless the TV was turned on and set to display the game console

No one asked for this! This is NOT the job we want the game console to do. What a selfish, arrogant company that is Nintendo. The consumer doesn’t spend much of their hard earned paycheck to buy a big TV and then not use it.

Not using TVs is a job that the handheld console does. The job people buy the home console for is to use the big TV.

Yes, I do think Wii U is going to become a place where people can go to get their overall entertainment in the living room.

FAIL! Remember when Nintendo used to be about video games? This ‘all-in-one-entertainment’ is total fail no matter who tries it. Ask Sony about it with the PS3 how well that worked for them.

I look at it from two different angles. One is how you can use a device like Wii U — to make an experience that up until now has happened on a single screen — into a better and more convenient experience. 

Nintendo has many problems, many areas of rot. But there is The Big Problem.

This is a message to The-Unfortunate-Person-At-Nintendo-Assigned-To-Read-This-Site.

Convenience is not the primary objective. It is a second effect of technology. Consider the medical industry. Should someone going through medical research just say ‘screw it’ and start opening up small clinics for ‘convenience’? Is this better than medical research such as a cure for cancer? Of course it isn’t. Medical research creates convenience by secondary effects.

The reason why Wii U has no value is because technology is what is valued, not convenience. Take the iPod. It was valued not because it was convenient, but because the march of technology, what it meant, and only the secondary effect was convenience.

Focusing on convenience is putting the cart before the horse.

One is how you can use a device like Wii U — to make an experience that up until now has happened on a single screen — into a better and more convenient experience. And I think that the Wii Street U powered by Google application we’ve recently released for Wii U is an example of how we’ve taken an existing application and really enhanced it through the use of Wii U and the GamePad.

No one cares about this worthless Google app.

Where are the games? Show us the games!

When we created the original Wii Sports, we could have done it as a “Mario Sports” game, but we decided not to. Similarly with Wii Fit, that could have been a “Mario Fitness” game, but in both of those cases we ultimately decided that introducing those games as new IP or new franchises was a better approach.

I consider this admission that Nintendo Land was a huge, HUGE mistake by slathering Nintendo IP all over the mini-games. Miyamoto is correct. Nintendo chose to scrap all Nintendo IP, even the Nintendo logo, out of Wii Sports and Wii Fit. If Wii Sports was ‘Mario Sports’, it would not have been successful.

The Nintendo IPs are no longer assets but liabilities. Putting Mario in a game doesn’t mean the game will sell more than it was. It will actually sell worse.

Now, why is this? None of Nintendo’s IPs are cool. Mario ceased to be cool with Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64 (though one could argue the atrocious Yoshi’s Island for making many people dislike Mario. That game butchered Mario mythos, and it hasn’t regained Mario Madness levels since.) Mario became popular again with the NSMB series and Mario Kart DS / Mario Kart Wii. But when Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Mario in 3d Land came out, Mario once again became ‘lame’.

Zelda was always cool but growing in coolness with the peak being Ocarina of Time. After that, it has been nothing but decline for Zelda. Today, Zelda is seen as an extremely lame and stupid game that no one wants to play. Not even kids bother playing it today. Instead of playing Zelda, players of that special age group are playing Skyrim or Minecraft. I blame Aonuma for destroying the franchise, and there has been no discipline inside Nintendo for rectifying this.

Metroid was always cool. Until Metroid: Other M which made Metroid into a very lame franchise. The blame for the destruction of Metroid goes to Sakamoto. “Baby!” “Baby!”

Pikmin has NEVER been cool.

Luigi (as the scared person) has never been cool.

Animal Crossing is cool only to adolescent girls.

Kirby ceased being cool after the NES.

F-Zero is still cool which may be why people want another one. However, no one buys the game anymore.

Donkey Kong is still cool.

Nintendo is overestimating the ‘coolness’ of their IPs. I think the success of Smash Brothers really screwed up a ton of thinking inside Nintendo.

The other thing I couldn’t have foreseen back then is that — particularly today when you look at the state of the consumer electronics industry, which had been where some of the most advanced technology was being used — that you see a number of the companies in a tough situation in a way that hasn’t hit gaming.

Too bad Miyamoto couldn’t expand on this comment.


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