Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 11, 2013

Email: Nintendo’s Non Existent Leadership

I read that interview with Shiggy and the moment I read that part about ‘ask these guys’ I thought about the Virtual Boy. I was also betting you’d highlight this, and I’m so glad you did. Who the hell is in charge here? Creatively Satisfied? Wtf?! I remember reading that the devs during the NES era (Lesser extent SNES era) Games being made were torture for the creators, but incredibly joyous for the consumers. 
You should love what you do, but that doesn’t mean it is fun. You are right, these clowns need a real job. No one gives a damn about Pikim, or Wind Waker HD. One of the biggest problems Wii U has is that the consumers and devs are not on the same page. And this is not the consumers fault. As you made the analogy about a restaurant making food they like instead of giving the patrons what they want. 
In any case, Nintendo is in deep shit. Fortunately, Misery loves company and I’m fairly certain M$ & Sony will be joining them soon enough. There is nothing exciting about any games being revealed, and games sell consoles. Killzone? Who cares. Halo? Who cares. 3D Mario? Who cares. Annual CoD, Assassins Creeds? give me a break. All next gen does is allow even more vanity to be inserted into games. All of this ‘cinematic experiences’ in games is awful. Quick time events, games that play themselves and an overabundance of cut scenes? This is bull shit. 
Why bother with Jr. PC’s? I’m not a pc gamer, but I’m more inclined to become one, than bother with set top boxes that are trying to make me pay for online services!? Sorry Master Malstrom, I foresee a lot of pain coming to all, this coming gen. They deserve it. I think too much blame is going to the executives. Investment analysis kept telling Nintendo executives that the precious hardcore gamers need representation. It doesn’t matter if the Wii was selling well. Oh, those hardcore! They MUST be made happy.

So Nintendo executives were under the gun to ‘please the hardcore’ with the Wii U. Microsoft and Sony are also under the gun to ‘please the hardcore’.

How did the hardcore get so much power? It is because they are the best customers. According to disruption literature, disruption is actually about targeting your ‘crappy customers’ and not designing your product for your ‘best customers’. Pac-Man wasn’t designed for the best gaming customers such as Space Invaders fans but for the worst customers: girls. Super Mario Brothers and Wii Sports were not designed for the ‘best customers’ but for the ‘worst customers’.

If we wish to see gaming succeed, grow, and become more relevant in society, there is only one option we have. The hardcore must be destroyed!



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