Posted by: seanmalstrom | May 23, 2013

Game journalists who lionized hardcore now call them brats

Intellectual integrity is important in being able to make an argument. Someone like myself, who routinely mocks the hardcore gamer, can make arguments against the hardcore gamer. However, I would become ridiculous if I suddenly began lionizing them.

In the same way, the game journalists who have spent the last four generations lionizing the hardcore gamers are now writing that they are brats who can never be pleased. For so long after writing how the hardcore are what gaming truly revolves around, now these same game journalists are saying gaming doesn’t revolve around the hardcore at all. Instead, gaming revolves around TV, movies, and online DRM.

Poor hardcore! They have been in a state of shock since the Xbox One ‘reveal’. But there is something important to note here:

This isn’t a hardcore gaming issue. It is a gaming issue. Hardcore have nothing to do with the Xbox One’s problems. How could it? No games have been shown except EA Sports and Call of Doggies.

The hardcore gamer is someone who is manipulated by Game Industry marketing against their own self-interest. For example, the unemployed person is busy playing games all day instead of getting a job. That is an example of the hardcore gamer. Another example would be a gamer shelling out $599 US dollars for a PlayStation 3 at launch even though the person isn’t getting any games. The hardcore gamer is the person who buys Halo themed Mountain Dew when they purchase Halo 3. The hardcore gamer spends all day on message forums caught up in marketing hype for games that have not even come out yet.

There is a difference between the dedicated gamer or long term gaming fan and the hardcore gamer. The hardcore gamer is mercury to Game Industry marketing. They see the ad for a Final Fantasy game so they run out and buy it immediately… even if they don’t like Final Fantasy. The hardcore gamer has no principles. If the Xbox 360 keeps breaking down on him, he will keep buying new Xbox 360s because he is a ‘hardcore gamer’. If he wants to play something on the Wii, the hardcore gamer does it in the closet because he fears others will mock him for playing with the Wii.

Hardcore gamers are very insecure. The most important definition for them is that they are controlled by Game Industry marketing. If you aren’t controlled by Game Industry marketing, then you likely aren’t a hardcore gamer.

With the Xbox One, I fully expect the hardcore gamers to go “OMG” at Destiny, Halo 5, Call of Doggies, or whatever else to be shown. Those same ‘hardcore gamers’ complaining about the Xbox One will be buying it at launch. It is not so much hardcore gamers are hypocrites, it is that they are controlled by hype and marketing.

With that context of the hardcore in mind, look at all these game journalists suddenly complaining about the ‘hardcore gamer’ being brats when it comes to Microsoft’s gift to the world of the marvelous Xbox One. How did these game journalists turn so quickly? Aren’t they hardcore gamers too?

No. They are part of the ‘Third Party Cabal’, they are members of the Game Industry. The Xbox One isn’t the brain child of Microsoft, it is the brain child of the Third Party Cabal. This console is exactly what EA and Activision desire. Since the marketing of Xbox One failed with gamers, game journalists are now attacking gamers.

Don’t let the Game Industry frame the ‘backlash’ to the Xbox One as a ‘hardcore gaming issue’. It isn’t. If it was just the hardcore having a problem, I’d be mocking them as I always do. This is a massive power grab for the Game Industry. Xbox One is about you not owning your games. They might as well have people ‘rent’ the hardware as well.

The question is how many of those people upset over the Xbox One’s direction going to be consumers of it (i.e. the hardcore who learn to love Big Brother)? Normally, every time people complain about something, they end up buying the console once the right games come along. However, this is different. Xbox One is a massive fundamental change in the relationship of the gamer and his games.

I’ve never been a Microsoft gaming fan so I don’t understand people who are. I don’t know if they follow through with protesting the Xbox One or not.



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