Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 9, 2013

Aside from the hardware, Steam is identical to Xbone

This is why I know after E3 the hardcore will grab their ankles for the Xbone. There is a complete and utter breakdown of logic from hardcore gamers when it concerns Steam, Valve, and anything about Gabe Newell.

What they don’t seem to understand is that Steam is a platform that just uses PC hardware. Steam is not and has never been ‘PC gaming’ as we think of PC gaming. Newell said that consoles exist because the hardware is the DRM. So he uses the Internet as the DRM. Hence, Steam. Steam is a client/console that runs using your PC hardware. Remember the Steambox? It is placing the Steam platform on a more specialized hardware designed for the living room.

Much of Xbone seems to be based on Steam.

“But they won’t have the sales that Steam has!”

How do you know? They just might.

The Microsoft viral marketers keep bringing up Steam because it is an effective talking point. Gamers cannot intellectually debate why they think Steam is ‘great’ but the Xbone is ‘bad’. There truly is no difference between Xbone and Steam except that the Xbone uses a specific type of hardware (not your PC).

-You don’t own games on Steam.
-Steam requires you to constantly keep connecting to the Internet.
-Steam keeps track of your every movement.
-Steam keeps trying to sell you crap you don’t need like worthless hats. Yet, people complain when Microsoft sells hats for the avatars.
-Steam fucked up the traditional PC gaming experience just like Xbone is fucking up the traditional console experience.

Unlike others, I am not in an intellectual pretzel because I came out against Steam long ago. I know what PC gaming is, and it sure as hell is not Steam. Because so many gamers are invested in Steam (after wasting so much money on ‘Steam sales’), they have no choice but to defend it as the greatest thing to gaming (the alternative is to admit they’ve been had and gamers are too egotistical to think that).

Can someone out there give me an intellectual argument why Steam and Xbone are different (outside the Xbone’s hardware)? I’ve read what has been placed on the gaming message forums, and all of it doesn’t hold up. Statements like ‘Steam has backwards compatibility while Xbone doesn’t’. Xbone is a new platform and is not the 360. ‘Gabe Newell is nice and Microsoft isn’t.’ Haha.

Of course Steam and Xbone are so similar since Gabe Newell used to work at Microsoft. Newell’s thought process probably isn’t that different from Microsoft’s.

But the hardcore gamer views Gabe Newell as gaming’s Santa Clause who gives out free games and near-free games. I contend that the ‘love’ of Steam has no intellectual reasons whatsoever. The reality is that hardcore gamers gave up their consumer rights for cheap prices of games at Steam sales.

This is why I know the hardcore gamers are going to LOVE the Xbone as they love Steam.

I’m not sure why everyone is dumping on Microsoft. Gabe Newell already xboned you guys.

Above: Stop complaining about Microsoft. The guy above has Xboned you already. Based on the “love” given to this guy, the hardcore are going to learn to love the Xbone.


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