Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 10, 2013

All in bone. Input bone.

Today is a very special day, reader. Today is the day when the hardcore are going to get reamed.

The Game to End All Games

2. <i>Call of Duty: Commentary of the Decline of Print Media</i>.

Perhaps we will find out more of what the dog does in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

I think the Hero dog is to Call of Duty what ‘jumping the shark’ was to Happy Days.

"Next Gen"

And we will get to see all the Next Gen goodness.

In the past, I was able to respond nearly immediately to the E3 press conferences. This will not be the case this year as I am currently taking petroleum engineering classes. Normally I am used to be the cleverest student in the class, but I am the dunce in these classes. My classmates all have degrees in chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, as well as a third of the class speaking five languages.

I will be updating later in the night.

What I need for the reader is to observe our good friends, the hardcore. How do they enjoy being ‘output one’ for the Xbone’s ‘input one’? I expect the beginning pebbles of the hardcore to ‘jump on’ the Xbone. My running bet with others is that the hardcore dam will burst around a week before the Xbone launch. The ‘DRM drama’ will be rationalized away. Watch and behold.


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