Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 11, 2013

“Four hundred and ninety nine US dollars…”

I didn’t buy a 360 so I am probably not the target audience for Microsoft (but I was a Wii buyer so maybe Microsoft does want me).

The games all looked boring to me. I didn’t care for Halo 1, 2, 3, and 4, so why should I care about 5?

Killer Instinct is grandpa’s game which is so last century.

Anything Kojima I couldn’t care about.

Games like the Witcher 3 you get from PC like GOG (where it is DRM free!).

I suppose Forza 5 is cool if you need a racer.

I don’t see anything exciting here.

$499 for the price? First of all, why is Microsoft announcing the price now? Nintendo has always been smart to never announce price at the conference. Price just distracts everyone from the games. Microsoft is just stupid.

$499 was considered ‘very expensive’ by gamers in 2006 and that was in economic good times. $499 will be tough to move units due to the poor economy. WHO has money to pay half a grand on a game console?

It is important to note that inflation is wildly up from 2008. This is why everything at the stores are so much more expensive. This is what happens when Bernanke keeps printing money. The Xbone’s $499 is not equal to the PS3’s $499. While prices have gone up, wages have remained stagnant or declined (if you have a job at all). It will be interesting to see who can buy the console.

The Xbox Mini could be very interesting if it solves all the hardware issues (wasn’t it already solved with the slim?). Did the Xbox Mini get the Xbone’s controller? It would be cool if it did.

I can’t wait when the Xbone comes out and Joe Sixpack realizes he must be connected to the internet always to play games but not to play Blu-Ray movies or CDs. “Why do I own my movies but not my games?”

Much will depend on what Sony does with the PS4. Sony is in position to deliver another PS1 price announcement sensation. (For those who don’t remember, Sega went first and announced the price point of the Saturn [and it is available RIGHT NOW]. Sony just went up to the mic and said, “$299.” and the Saturn was doomed.)

Nothing to say about Xbone except it is yucky. At least the PS3, when it launched, had backwards compatibility (and let you own your own games).

I am seeing some hardcore excited about the Xbone. I expect this number to slowly increase as we approach launch. Is the Xbone going to come with a game? Unless you just want to watch Price is Right, buying the Xbone with a game is going to cost $570 or more. Count me out.


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