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Tech Radar: “Wii U is a nightmare for Nintendo!”

Here is the link.

Speaking of the Wii, Tech Radar says:

Suddenly gaming arrived for a whole new audience – one that did not have the patience to learn button combinations or use d-pads. The Wii was accessible, simple and it deservedly sold in droves.

Deservedly sold? If I recall, everyone was bemoaning the Wii sales and called it ‘the end of gaming’. Deservedly is a good sign that people are realizing that the Wii was a GOOD thing.

But, in retrospect it also scrawled the writing on the wall for any successor. This audience didn’t buy into Nintendo but into motion control, they didn’t love Mario but Wii Sports, they didn’t buy games but they did buy Wii Fit.

Now Tech Radar goes into retard rodeo mode. NSMB Wii was responsible for selling four million Wiis in December 2009 in the United States. Game sold huge (not Call of Duty huge but still huge). Mario Kart Wii outsold Grand Theft Auto 4 which no one thought was going to happen.

This is why people need to check sales records. The assumption that people only bought the Wii for Wii Sports and Wii Fit doesn’t fit the sales records for all the other games. Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 certainly didn’t sell the number Nintendo wanted. Why does some Mario games sell and not those? But to people at Tech Radar, they probably only perceive Mario through games like Mario Galaxy and not through NSMB Wii or Mario Kart Wii.

Add to that thorny problem the arrival of Kinect – which took motion control to another level – and the inevitable apathy of a group that had pulled their Wii out only for parties and you can understand why the Wii U needed to be truly tremendous if it was to succeed and have better marketing than Apple.

Where is the sales data backing this claim? There is none. This article has left reality and should be classified as science fiction and fantasy.

Of course, neither we the case. The Wii U was a muddled hotch potch of ideas taped together with a confused message for consumers that, personally, I’m not convinced managed to convince a huge swathe of the market that it wasn’t just a handheld add-on to the original Wii.

The brave author of the piece has bestowed on us his educated analysis that Wii U wont’ succeed. Gee, it only took over half a year of sales for him to come to that conclusion? A real businessman has to realize this before the console even launches. You have to be able to see into the future.

The naming was the first problem, Wii U doesn’t sound like a sequel, especially when you’ve already had Wii Fit as an add-on.

Wii U is further proof that brand recognition means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the world of video games. Analysts had to be taught this lesson the hard way with PlayStation 3. But it is further proof.

Nintendo has, as you would expect, reined in the price and retreated back into its familiar territory – Mario games, as it tries to rescue the Wii U.

Reined in the price? We are talking about the Wii U here, right?


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