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Pikmin 3 still missing from Iwata Asks

Wonderful 101 has been put up there. But where is Pikmin 3? It’s like the game doesn’t exist! Either Nintendo forgot about Pikmin 3’s Iwata Asks or Nintendo doesn’t want to put it up! It’s pretty funny seeing it omitted. Maybe Nintendo doesn’t want us to know the *real story* of how Pikmin 3 was ‘just announced’ at E3 2008 with Miyamoto going rogue. If anyone finds the missing Pikmin 3 Iwata Asks, please let me know! The missing Pikmin 3 Iwata Asks is a new Nintendo mystery just like ‘Negative World’ was in Super Mario Brothers!

As for Wonderful 101, listen to Kamiya:

And the NES games were exactly like the arcade games. It was an incredibly desirable object. When I look back at it now, I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy and excited to buy a video game console as I was that time.

Dear Nintendo, note how Kamiya did not say he liked the NES because it was ‘integrated hardware and software technology’.

Here is Nuts and Milk game Kamiya is talking about:

This is how gaming was pre-Super Mario Brothers.

-No scrolling
-Black background
-No real background music
-Villains just home in at you.

At the time, arcades seemed like places where troublemakers hung out. That’s why everyone was shocked, but we were also intrigued by that air of badness. 

Arcades were where the cool people were at. People who smoked cigars, drank alcohol, and actually looked cool in public. Arcades were not nerd centers or child centers. At least, not in that time.

Even without unnecessary explanations, a game will naturally unfold around its core.

This has been what I experienced too. In games like RTS, an amateur would obsess over ‘new units’ or ‘better units’ or ‘better battlefields’ instead of lasering in their attention on the core gameplay which is the harvestors, basic structures, and one offensive unit. If the game is not fun with that, it is not going to be fun if you add ‘more units’ or ‘better battlefields’. The core gameplay must be established.

In Super Mario Brothers, the core gameplay would be small Mario and his ‘jump’ and movement (and probably not any enemies at all). There is so much going on with Mario and his ‘physics’ and ‘control’. No one thinks about it when playing. But it is why the game is so much fun. The physics of Mario probably took forever. Only when that was established could enemies, power-ups, more interesting levels and all could be added.

Then Kamiya and Iwata talk about ‘The God of Video Games’ which is, of course, a reference to Malstrom.


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