Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 23, 2013

Ballmer to retire; investors want to sell Xbox franchise; hardcore gamers enter meltdown

The same investors behind pushing Ballmer’s retirement are the same ones who also want to sell the entire Xbox franchise. Oh, this will be fun to watch!

Our hardcore friends are already spazzing out. “It can’t be true! It CAN’T BE TRUE!” “Don’t these idiots know the Xbox is profitable? We type it in all the time in our gaming message forum!”

There is more problems to the Xbox than it not making money. It doesn’t fit the company. It would be like Nintendo making an operating system for airport terminals.

Microsoft did not make its money through ‘brand new marketspaces’. To the contrary, Microsoft leveraged the existing business industries which had such broad support everywhere, including Windows operating systems in airport terminals, that the insignificant areas such as cash registers or airport terminals running Windows all added up to significant volume which gave Microsoft its massive profit. A company like Apple gets its money very differently as it sells to the consumer market. When a consumer has a choice, the consumer does not choose Microsoft.

The reason why the Xbox kept being presented as a ‘top box for the living room’ with all three hardware incarnations is because Microsoft is trying to justify its existence in video games. While Microsoft’s investors are probably irritated at Microsoft’s attempts at mobile and Windows 8, they have a very high ire at the Xbox consoles.

I really want Microsoft to exit the console business. Then Microsoft can make Windows the coolest gaming platform. PC gaming was so much better before the Xbox came out. PC games were actually PC games and not console ports.

I think one big reason for the hardcore shock is that the hardcore really did drink the Microsoft kool-aid. “Xbox is fantastically profitable!” Longtime readers know that since the beginning I’ve kept saying what a disaster the Xbox franchise is and how unsustainable it is.

A pox is Xbox! A pox! A pox! Get thee away from the gaming world! Microsoft has brought nothing but misery to the world of gaming.

First Xbox console was HUGE, caught fire, and abandoned as soon as possible.

Xbox 360 had the Red Ring of Death that cost people dearly, was noisy, and did nothing more than try to copy the Wii with the terrible Kinect and ‘Avatars’.

Xbox One (“All in One! Xbox One!”) nearly destroyed gaming totally as we know with its absurd changes of removing the concept of game ownership. Already, Microsoft is scaling back launch plans due to production problems.

What exactly has Xbox brought to gaming? Nothing! You can’t even say Xbox Live because those were all standard PC gaming features. All Xbox knew how to do is rip from PC gaming. Xbox straddled the fence between console and PC gaming until its soul sank into the metal. What is the freaking point of the Xbox anyway? Why do we need it to even exist?

BTW, does anyone have a copy of the Anti-Xbox videos? There were like documentaries with *scary music* and had some incredible clips of interviews about the Xbox Franchise that I hadn’t seen then. It showed how ridiculous it all was, how much money the Xbox was losing, how Mark Rein would say literally anything, and so on. They came out right before the Xbox 360 launched in 2006. Microsoft was not very happy about those videos. hahaha


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