Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 5, 2013

Mighty Number 9

I still hate the kickstarter thing.

Instead of gaming being a mass medium where people play for a quarter or purchase the game for $50, it is like gaming is becoming more and more niche where a person is paying $150+ for a game… that hasn’t even started development.

Even if a game is successful on Kickstarter, what does it mean? Before, a successful game would try to be MORE successful. Mega Man 2 was the answer to Mega Man. But I’ve noticed successful Kickstarter games have no ambition. Look at FTL. It was successful. What are the people who made FTL doing? Making FTL 2? Making another game? NO! They are selling ‘merchandise’ such as T-shirts and crap.

Will gaming become popular based on this? Is everyone interested in games only to take the money and run?



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