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Email: Big Bang Theory

Hey there! I looked at your blog and read you entry about TBBT. I have to admit that I thought you’ll hate the show. Then i see that you actually find it entertaining.

I do like the show a lot. It’s far from being a great one but the lines, the situations and they way they are delivered are what makes it very fun to watch.I 

And me too, I have noticed how nerds HATE that show. I mean seriously is like they really took it way to close to the chest. I think someone even called it ” a minstrel nerd show”. I cannot explain you how ridiculous that comparison it is. 

Most of them are guys that waste too much time playing games, reading comic books and other “nerd” stuff and they take it as a personal attack. I agree that in rl a very very smart person like the ones in there wouldn’t even care about hot babes without brains but most importantly I think they will even laugh at “genious” like them.

But seriously, anyone that takes TBBT as a real representation of how “genius” people are is as dumb and naive as someone that takes life tips from “Friends”. Sitcoms are for laughing at dumb jokes and relief stress for a few minutes. No more.

Anyway just my 2 cents. see ya!

Despite my reputation as an elitist, I do enjoy laughing. TBBT is a dumb show, but I do find myself laughing at it. In other news, I also read a comic strip the other day that I laughed at. Oh noes!

What is fun about comedy is that it requires an element of truth in it for it to be funny. Obviously, the show is popular. The reason why nerds won’t admit the show has any humor is because it would be admitting there is some grain of truth in some of the jokes. In the later seasons, they introduce the ‘nerd girlfriends’ and just laugh at all the nerdiness.

Strangely, I do find myself rooting for Sheldon most of the time. I wished I came up with a ‘roommate agreement’ or ‘relationship agreement’. Roommates are a pain in the ass; girlfriends doubly so. Having a ‘binding contract of dos and don’ts’ is something we all should do!

Sheldon’s personality is about right. I know guys who are SO intellectual, SO ‘of the mind’, that they do synchronize their bowel movements as precise as a german train schedule. Much of Shakespeare, especially the comedies, were written for guys like Sheldon. Shakespeare commonly has a ‘Sheldon’ in the plays that must be taught to give up ‘philosophy’ and learn life. Usually, the characters go to a forest and the guy becomes ‘enlightened’ on the ways of nature and exits the forest (i.e. he discovers ‘woman’ in the forest and gets married). Those who don’t, like Jaques of As You Like It, forever remain in the forest philosophizing. Jaques famous speech of ‘Seven Ages of Man’ is actually a condemnation of Jacques. A personality like Sheldon would say ‘Seven Ages of Man’ yet still know nothing of life. One of Shakespeare’s favorite quotes is saying that the philosopher cannot bear the toothache patiently (he mocks the Sheldon idea of the mind being over matter).

One minor writing mistake was to have Leonard and a few other characters quote Shakespeare at a time. Scientists and engineers are too Apollonian for poetry. Knowing poetry well is like knowing how to dance well. In real life, I find a huge divide between engineers/scientists and that world of nature. It is why their relationships to their wives is only in the frame of ‘provider’.

What the show needs to do is to portray Raj (Indian guy) getting involved with the ‘Bronies’. However, I’m sure there are licensing issues that they can’t exactly use the jokes they want. Things like comic book stores, history, and science are generalized themes.

TBBT shows that society laughs at the ‘hardcore gamers’. The reason why they hate TBBT is for the same reason why they hated the Wii: the Wii was designed not to cater to ‘hardcore gamers’ but to non-freaks.


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