Posted by: seanmalstrom | November 9, 2013

Email: A game I really like

Hey Master Malstrom,

I’m going to guess that someone’s told you about the game “Binding of Isaac”, but you probably ignored it or saw a trailer and were grossed out by it. Regardless, I think you should check it out, it’s insane fun and it’s really cheap. I remember when I introduced this game to my friends in high school and it spread like wildfire; I must have gotten at least 15 people hooked on that game. There’s this incredible feeling of progression in this game; you slowly learn tips and tricks and new game-play elements, it’s pretty awesome. The game has sold two million copies which is impressive for an indie game. I know it seems gross, but the darkness of it all is part of the charm. You will get your ass kicked, but like all good games you will eventually master. Then after that you can get the DLC-expansion, making it more difficult! I really cherish this game :D. I’ve been playing for a few years,  and I will probably be playing for more years to come. I remember you saying a game has good value if you can play it for 30 hours. This game cost me 5 dollars and I’ve easily played 150 hours.
Sales numbers don’t mean the same when a game costs $5, $1, or nothing. I think Minecraft’s sales are impressive with its $30ish price where the retail presence alone is beating our ‘industry games’.

I do own Binding of Isaac, and I do not like the game. The content is so revolting that I tire of the game faster than normal. If the game developer wasn’t a freak and actually put in content that was more accepting to society, the game would have been ten times more successful. The older you get, the shorter life becomes. And I’m tired of dealing with people’s crap.

The immaturity of the content ruins the experience for me. Sorry. I regret ever buying the game in the first place (and I got it in some Steam sale for a couple bucks).


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