Posted by: seanmalstrom | November 17, 2013

Email: Cool Zelda 3DS commercial

Too bad it’s tainted by the bizarre wall painting Aonuma shit.
I’m still not sure what to expect from this game, it looks like Aonuma trying to redefine ALTTP to his idea of Zelda at times, but then some of the footage looks surprisingly good (some bosses shown in particular are action heavy, and the dungeons seem to flow really quickly). 
But then again, the bizarre NPCs are here, including a drag queen Ganondorf relative, as well as the wall gimmick getting MAJOR focus. The apparent very low difficulty with a nonexistant curve doesn’t help either (it’s cool that the game has these combat upgrades for items like the bow that fires three arrows at once, but what’s the point if things die in one hit anyway and are not a threat?)
If the game is bad, it will hit the bargain bin like Phantom Hourglass did, so I’ll wait before picking it up. 
It seems so stupid to pre-order a video game to me, paying full price for something you don’t know is good and that will drop in price if it’s not is just not a good decision any way you look at it.
I can sort of understand the launch day hype when it’s something like a MMORPG and you want to “be there” for the event of playing day 1 with other people, but for single-player games like Zelda it makes no sense, especially with its track record these days.
Of all my decades of being a gamer, there is only ONE TIME when the hype matched the product: Super Mario Brothers 3. Ever since then, the hype never matches reality. (It is why I am anti-hype.) The really good games come out of right-field. I don’t even see the purpose of hype for the consumer. All you’re doing is setting up expectations not related to the product experience. If you played an early demo, got excited, then I can understand getting hyped for a game. One very excellent example was the Unreal Tournament demo that was released before the game. I think I played that demo over and over and the main game was perfect. I wish game companies would release demos before the actual products. That way they can get user feedback to fix up issues with the game (such as controls or such). In our ‘modern game industry’, the marketers will never allow us to have that again. Alas.
That commercial tells me that NOA’s marketing is looking back at the original Zelda marketing.
The 3DS commercial is just like the SNES commercial. Apparently, NOA wants 3DS Zelda to sell to the Link to the Past fans and to gain new fans as Link to the Past did. However, that SNES commercial was really bad, and I don’t think it is good to imitate a bad commercial. I don’t think the SNES Zelda commercial really conveys the value of the game. However, neither did the Japanese version which is super fruity. The Japanese Zelda 2 commercial is cool. What I like about it is that it conveys something Nintendo forgot about Zelda. When I see a Zelda commercial, I need to think ‘Lord of the Rings’ because the great mother of the role playing game universes is that fantasy universe.
Zelda games used to SCREAM fantasy as soon as the title screen started. The game sucked you into a fantasy world. But Aonuma doesn’t read fantasy books. He puts in stupid stuff like trains or cell-shaded pirates. The traditional fantasy theme has always been Zelda’s strong hallmark. It has been RPG’s strong hallmark too. Blizzard literally copied Lord of the Rings movie aesthetics into WoW and look how that took off. Aonuma would say, “But that would hurt my creativity!” As if Aonuma thinks he is an equal to Tolkien.
Geez, these title screens of Zelda are just so absorbing.


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