Posted by: seanmalstrom | November 17, 2013

Email: Pachter’s gone CRAZY!!

Hey Malstrom look like Pachter’s finally gone mad, I mean PS4 120 million why would it when the PS3 only topped 80 million and that was in good economic times!

The only way I see the PS4 selling more than the PS3 is if it begins cannibalizing Xbox Juan sales.  I remember when the Xbox 360 launched, and Xbox Juan isn’t having the same effect. However, it is early.

What I think is incredible is that Pachter is saying no one is going to be buying console games in ten years. Michael Pachter is the Kramer of ‘Mad Money’ for the Video Game Industry. If it weren’t for the privileged shipment notes he gets, he would be wrong 100% of the time.

I was going to put a link in about Pachter’s prior sayings being wrong, and I found someone mentioning my theory that Pachter says what he does to control the news cycle. I still think that is true. People intentionally talk to reporters so they will be quoted in the news. I think part of Pachter’s job is to ‘steer’ the news. News has huge influences on stock prices and decisions on investors. Remember Iwata complaining about news stories? I don’t see Pachter as a real analyst. He seems to be a secret PR guy for various third party companies while posing as an analyst. With Pachter’s long career, it is amazing how he never criticizes the big third party companies and is always optimistic for them.

Successful analysts don’t waste their time talking to the press. Their business is with their investors, not the press.

I’m thinking the best way to combat Pachter is drown the message forums and game journalism with quotes from OTHER ANALYSTS. How about hearing more from Billy Pidgeon? When talking about the Xbox One, the first thing he does is mention the elephant in the room: the economy. In an economic recession, people are far less willing to pay for an expensive game console. If the $599 PS3 came out today, I think it would have been certain death for it.


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