Posted by: seanmalstrom | November 17, 2013

Sony announces PlayStation 4 has sold a million units in NA in 24 hours

Press release.

While I enjoy the sight of hardcore gamers running around in circles cheering, what the press release is actually saying is “PlayStation 4 has a ton of supply early on.”

A reader might say, “It is record breaking!”

What is actually record breaking is their supply. Selling the first million units is no achievement, I am sorry to say. The reason why is because those will be the easiest to sell. We still don’t know what the actual demand level is. When a console launches, we can’t know what the demand level is at first. We must wait many months to find out.

Wait until February NPD to find out what the North America demand is for the console that launches. I did this for the Wii U and prior consoles. Let’s do the same for Xbox Juan and PS4. February will give a better scene of where the demand level is.

The real question is ‘Is the PS4 cannibalizing Xbox Juan sales?’ I think it is. PS4 will ‘grow’ over PS3 not because it is obtaining people who don’t normally play video games but because it is cannibalizing the Xbox One’s market. Why wouldn’t a Xbox 360 user go PS4? Xbox One has the shitty Windows 8 interface, questionable DRM policies that may come back, comes with Kinect, and doesn’t really offer much in games now.

One thing I have been impressed with Sony is how well they treated their consumers with the PS3. What I mean by this is that they kept supporting the system. Nintendo, on the other hand, pulled the plug on their system. They said, “No more Virtual Console games!” They said, “Fuck you, you Super Metroid lovers. You need to like Metroid: Other M.” “Fuck you, Malstrom. You say Zelda isn’t about puzzles? Well, in  Zelda: Skyward Sword, everything is like a puzzle.” “How dare you buy NSMB Wii! Here is Super Mario Galaxy 2 designed to get you 2d Mario fans to be playing Mario in the proper way: in 3d like Miyamoto desires. Remember, it is what Miyamoto desires and not what you desire that matters.”

I don’t see Sony giving their fans the finger like Nintendo did to their Wii fans or Microsoft did to their fans (with their original Xbox One strategy).

If I wasn’t short on funds and had to buy a console, it would be a PS4. However, the price reduced 2d Mario (and Luigi) bundle of the Wii U looks good. But with no account system (making all the digital games worthless) and hostile developers (the heads of the Mario, Zelda, and Metroid teams despise and hate the fans that originally made Mario, Zelda, and Metroid a success), the Wii U is a no go.

It’s WAY too early to say anything about the PS4 today except that it is ‘well supplied’. Wait until March for the February NPD.


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