Posted by: seanmalstrom | November 24, 2013

Email: Different opinion on Zelda: Link Between Worlds

I disagree a little with the first emailer on the game, the first few minutes including the first dungeon were very pleasant, the way as I quickly got a sword and bow and was busy fighting enemies around right in the beginning of the game reminded me a lot of the original Zelda on NES

Yes, you can see Aonuma things all around, but it feels more like invading his home while he’s not there, instead of listening to him giving a speech like Skyward Sword felt. NPCs like Ravio are ridiculous, other NPCs with unnecessary dialogue are all around and in the first minutes Link does look like a glorified errand boy, like he always do on Aonuma games
But everything felt very quick, very portable, very Minish Cap style. I didn’t spent more than 5 minutes with boring Aonuma crap like getting an item somewhere, talking, exploring Kakariko Village and was on my way to doing some fighting. And the best part, no support character saying: “maybe something will happen if we hit those ORBS GLOWING FOR NO REASON”
I can surely imagine the game getting worse down the road with all the painting mechanics and Lolrule, but the beginning felt really good
Readers should know that I do not own a 3DS or Wii U. So I am relying entirely on your emails on the quality of the game.


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