Posted by: seanmalstrom | November 27, 2013

Games will not have a place at my Thanksgiving

This is a public service announcement to all console companies.

Fuck you.

Thanksgiving is for family and friends. Thanksgiving is for grandma’s terrible cranberry recipe. Thanksgiving is for crazy uncle Bob. What Thanksgiving is NOT for is a place for gamers to ‘market’ your console to members of the family. Screw that shit. This is our family time. This is not for crazy game companies to try to ‘virally target’ our family with your products.

I’m looking at you, Nintendo. Get the hell out of our Thanksgiving. You don’t belong. If people don’t want to buy your product, too bad. Holidays are not a foil for marketers to have one family member ‘virally market’ to the other family members.

And another thing…

This website is 100% independent. It takes no revenue. It cannot be bought off. You will not see me suddenly do a 180 and go, “Wow, that Super Mario 3d World is a system seller! Oh boy! That Wii U… man oh man… we must all rush out our doors and buy one immediately!” Hype from all the marketing crap that is thrown at us during the holidays, where the game industry makes most of its sales, overturns objective news and is worse during console launches. Everyone is trying to point to anecdotal evidence to suggest a market trend. The only real way to look at it is to wait for February NPD (January NPD tends to have rainchecks from out of stock Christmas hardware).

When Nintendo sales are very good, the Game Industry becomes extremely upset. Where was the Game Industry during the Wii Sports phenomenon? They were telling everyone that it didn’t existed, that it was just a gimmick, that no one actually wanted Wii Sports. Where was the Game Industry when Mario Kart Wii outsold Grand Theft Auto 4? They told us that Mario Kart games do not count and that Grand Theft Auto 4, even though it didn’t rocket the PS3 or Xbox 360 to the stratosphere like they all hoped and predicted,  should still be declared as if it owned the market. When NSMB Wii came out, the game media outlets sent out outright hate and mockery, such as a former Nintendo editor at IGN, even though the game moved over 4 million Wii consoles at December 2009.

What is going on? The answer: wait until February.

As for the “OMG awesome!” games? They will still be ‘awesome’ 6 months from now if they are truly ‘OMG’ quality. Ignore all hype. Keep your  money in your wallet. Place your interests first.


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