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Super Mario 3d World flops in Japan

According to this:

3D Mario Week One Sales:

1) Super Mario Galaxy 2 – 337,569 (1,032,853 total)
2) Super Mario 3D Land – 344,698 (1,861,023 total)
3) Super Mario Sunshine – 280,610 (789,989 total)
4) Super Mario Galaxy – 256,341 (1,025,664 total)
5) Super Mario 64* – 162,113 (1,639,914 total)
6) Super Mario 64 DS* – 120,062 (1,231,535 total)
7) Super Mario 3D World – 106,967

This debut is almost as bad as Pikmin 3. Now, it could be possible for sales to pick up after the debut. But that is unlikely. A TRUE Mario launch is this:

Video Armageddon!

Anyone saying “If there was a large install base, it would sell more…” needs to be taken out to the woodshed. The entire purpose of first party software is to create an install base. If Nintendo required a large install base to sell its games, then it would go third party.

If Super Mario 3d World fails, it is Miyamoto’s last stand on the hill. “What stand is he taking?” It is the stand of trying to ram 3d Mario down our throats.

When our hardcore friends view Super Mario 3d World, they think it is just another ‘fun’ Mario game. However, people like me view 3d World in a very different context. We see it as a hostile attack. It is not a mistake that the lame NSMB U is missing Peach as a playable character (after Miyamoto giving lame excuses like ‘dress physics’ as to why she wasn’t in NSMB Wii). It is not a mistake that the 3d Marios have what the 2d Mario fans desire such as NEW WORLDS and TANOOKI SUITS and Doki Doki Panic different characters.

Shigeru Miyamoto is a jackass. He is intentionally trying to force his vision of 3d Mario down 2d Mario fans’ throats. Consider:

NSMB DS: Was the planned Super Mario Land 4 for GBA but got grandfathered over to the DS. Tapped into a huge market of people wanting 2d Mario.

Super Mario Galaxy: Game constantly goes into 2d mode so it is easier to play. Stages are much more linear as well.

NSMB Wii: Due to NSMB DS’s success, NSMB Wii was made. In it, Miyamoto pushes to put in 4 player simultaneous play. That is all he cares for the game is just to push the multiplayer. Like NSMB DS, NSMB Wii is a massive hit taking Nintendo by surprise and Nintendo ran out of Wii consoles when they thought Wii was ready for continued decline.

Super Mario Galaxy 2: Continues Galaxy 1’s 2d modes. In Japan and Europe, where 3d Mario sells the least, the game came with tutorial DVDs to ‘help people’ get into 3d Mario. Miyamoto assumes 2d Mario fans think 3d is ‘too hard’ to play instead of realizing it is just disinterest.

Super Mario 3d Land: Miyamoto’s full frontal assault on the 2d Mario Fortress. Denying the Tanooki suit for NSMB Wii (which everyone wanted), Miyamoto saves it for 3d Land and throws the Tanooki suit on everything including goombas. Miyamoto hopes that the 3DS’s 3d effects allow people to FINALLY (his word) be able to play 3d Mario. Despite the hype, 3DS still continues to underperform.

NSMB 2: A half assed, uninspired Mario game where the ‘gimmick’ is to collect coins. Snore. You can tell Nintendo did not want to make this game. Despite how half assed it is, it sells as much as Mario Kart 7 in Japan.

NSMB U: Originally was going to be NSMB Mii because Nintendo cares so little for 2d Mario that they thought throwing the ability of playing as a Mii in would make people want to buy it. After the outcry, Nintendo tries to retool it, but it isn’t enough. NSMB U is yet another half assed Mario game. There are no ‘new worlds’. No truly new characters or anything of such. To those who are too young to remember, 2d Mario games are the equivalent of Crysis games today. 2d Mario pushed hardware and gameplay limitations. Nintendo making 2d Mario games as a retro throwback with some dumb gimmick is insulting. Finding out that Miyamoto is intentionally saving the good stuff to include on in 3d Mario and depriving 2d Mario of it is INFURIATING.

To hell with Miyamoto. What a crappy way to end his career. The guy’s head is so far up his ass, he actually does believe he is a genius and that he is smarter than the market. The market keeps saying ‘no, no, no’ to his 3d Mario games, but he keeps declaring the market wrong and Miyamoto right. A professional would admit that the market is right and Miyamoto is wrong.

So much credit has gone to the myth of the fairy tale game designer that everyone has forgotten about the forces, including the customers, who are responsible for Miyamoto’s success. What about those gamers who played Donkey Kong in 1981? What about the gamers who first purchased Mario Brothers and Super Mario Brothers and showed it to their friends? What about those who bravely bought Legend of Zelda when it came out? Or Super Mario Kart? These people are de-humanized as ‘masses’ to the ‘wizard’ of Miyamoto.

If these people are responsible for Nintendo’s rise, are they not also responsible for Nintendo’s downfall? Those type of customers were not there during the N64 and less so with the Gamecube. They came back with the Wii, but are not there for the Wii U.

Nintendo keeps abandoning their core. Their core is not 3d Mario. Their core is 2d Mario. Their core is not Aonuma Zelda. Their core is Classic Zelda. Their core is not Other M. Their core is Super Metroid. Nintendo’s decline is because they keep consistently abandoning their core market. Nintendo would have totally collapsed had it not been the ‘new market’ of young kids who had no memory of better games of the past (until they get older and play them. Then they stop buying the new Nintendo stuff).

What is going on now in Miyamoto’s mind is that “Japan does not understand the brilliance of my 3d Mario game. Therefore, more needs to be done to make Japan understand. Perhaps some instructional videos included with the game? If they don’t understand 3d Mario, they will be made to understand! *shakes fist*”


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