Posted by: seanmalstrom | November 28, 2013

Edit: Did Nintendo Spain just expose NCL’s bullshit?

Remember how Nintendo was claiming that the 2DS wasn’t released due to hostility toward 3D effects but only a low-entry Pokemon unit for kids?  I didn’t buy that for a second, but take a look at this.  It looks like Nintendo Spain just disproved Nintendo’s own bullshit on the matter.

“The [Nintendo 2DS] console is aimed at a very specific audience. We found that there was plenty of demand for both a lower price and the fact that removing features did not interest some people. For Nintendo 2DS, the console was a request from marketing departments. Understand that the platform demand was very high, ie, people wanted the console because the games interest them and proof of this is Inazuma Eleven, Pokemon … etc. But there were two barriers: a high percentage of people seemed face and others, though far fewer, not interested in 3D.”



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