Posted by: seanmalstrom | November 28, 2013

Email: 3d World Underwhelms

Greetings Master Malstrom, no sooner than your last post does news come from Japan about the latest 3D Mario’s debut. Despite the championing of the gaming media or developers praising the game; The market continues to reject it. This is worst than the Gamecube era, I feel Nintendo’s hostility towards gamers is creating hostility from gamers towards Nintendo. I know I am hostile to the system, for the reasons you’ve voiced such as the crappy controller, the crappy software, the lack of an account system etc. But most importantly, for me, is the developer mentality of shoving things in our faces that we don’t want.
I’m sick of talk about Zelda, with Aonuma in charge, wtf cares about Zelda with his crappy ass art styles. 3D Mario’s have always been boring fetch quests and Miyamoto’s desire to make 3D Marios despite constant rejection rubs me the wrong way. Saka-shit destroyed Metroid. It seems even Mario Kart is being bastardized. Gamecube 2. I bought the first Gamecube, shame on me. I won’t be duped again.
Always a pleasure Master Malstrom, enjoy Turkey Day.
It seems I was incorrect saying SM 3d World barely outsold Pikmin 3’s launch. 3d World had more days to track so it is Pikmin 3’s launch that was larger.


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