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The hardcore have failed Nintendo

Reader! You ride on the hood while I drive us back to the year of 2007.

Above: Malstrom drives… flies… the reader back to the year 2007.

Ahh, it is the year 2007, the year before the New Depression swallowed us all. In this year, every Nintendo Wii (in America at least) is sold out. The DS is selling like hotcakes. Nintendo games are selling big. What did we hear from the Gaming Message Forums? Let’s listen:

“Nintendo abandoned their base! They abandoned the hardcore gamers!”

“Yeah! Where are the hardcore games? I don’t want this Wii Sports crap.”

“Remember when Nintendo was cool and made games that were on the Gamecube? Why can’t we get some of those games?”

“Nintendo did it wrong. They should target the hardcore gamers first and THEN expand to the ‘casuals’.”

Nintendo did everything the hardcore wanted with the Wii U. “No, they didn’t, Malstrom.” Oh, the hardcore wish to protest? Let’s have it.

“I never asked for the Gamepad.”

Actually, you did. The Gamepad was one of the more common mock-ups for the Revolution’s ‘new controller’. With the DS’s success, most people assume the controller would have a screen and touchpad on it and do the job of Gamecube ‘connectivity’ games with the GBA. The Gamepad is exactly that device the hardcore were salivating for (but were horrified over the ‘remote’ motion controller. Universally, the hardcore declared Nintendo lost their minds with that motion controller!).

“I never asked for a console with such terrible hardware.”

Actually, you did. You kept demanding that Nintendo put out a Wii HD. The Wii U is a Wii HD.

“I never asked for bomba games.”

But you did! At E3 2008, the hardcore ‘cheered’ the announcement of Miyamoto that Pikmin 3 was going to be made. How are those Pikmin 3 sales btw? Did anyone actually buy the console after Pikmin 3 came out? It doesn’t look like it. Nintendo made Pikmin 3 for the ‘hardcore’, but the hardcore did not show up to buy the console.

The hardcore wanted more games like Platinum games. They got Wonderful 101. The hardcore never showed up to buy that game.

Ubisoft makes Zombie-U. Where were the hardcore? They didn’t bother buying it.

More 3d Mario? We know 3d World isn’t doing much (at least in Japan). Where are the hardcore? Why aren’t the hardcore buying the Wii U? It is their system after all. It is designed for them.

What are the games that are responsible for the little sales momentum Wii U has? It is all the games the hardcore hates. It is games like NSMB U and Wii U Party.

The story of the Wii U isn’t just ‘Nintendo screwed up’. The story of the Wii U is that the hardcore are full of crap. The Wii U is the definitive hardcore console. It is full of their games. But the hardcore don’t want to buy it.

“It’s not fair to blame the Wii U on the hardcore gamers.”

Why not? After all the whining they made for YEARS during the peak of Nintendo’s success, it is beyond any doubt that not only does Nintendo not need the hardcore, the hardcore’s existence tears down Nintendo. Nintendo would be in a better place if it made anything else other than Pikmin 3 and similar games.

Have you noticed that the hardcore are never to blame? When a game sells well, they take the credit. When a game sells poorly, it is the ‘casuals fault’ for not buying it or the marketer’s fault or the developers’ fault. The hardcore gamers act like they are perfect angels hovering above the ‘console peasants’.

Crying like stuck pigs for all of Generation 7 about Wii’s “terrible, terrible games”, they keep praising how ‘amazing’ Wii U’s games. Boy, that Pikmin 3 is so amazing! And that Super Mario 3d World is Game of the Year! And let’s not forget about the Wonderful 101 and how Wind Waker is so great, it must be experienced twice especially now in HD.

You can always tell the hardcore gamer because they keep saying, “Wii U’s games are AMAZING!!!” Yet, the console doesn’t sell. The games don’t sell. Nintendo was better off making games the hardcore hated because that actually sold the hardware. Maybe the ‘amazing!’ games aren’t amazing. Maybe they are poor quality which is what is causing the poor sales.

I could have some sympathy for someone liking the Wii U games and being devastated over the hardware’s sale numbers if it weren’t for last generation of them SHOUTING for Nintendo to stop making games that actually sell. Could it be that Wii Sports and Wii Fit are actually good games? Why did so many people buy them, then?

So far, the Wii U has been the mirror opposite of the Wii. The hardcore own the Wii U debacle.  It is not Nintendo that is in trouble, it is the hardcore ideology and cause that is in trouble. It is the hardcore game that is going out of business.


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